Hello everyone, 


My name is Kevin. When I was younger, I always had an interest in the stock market. I first started trading when I was eighteen years old. Like every young person, I was obsessed with trying to get those big percentage gains on my trades. The way I was doing this was day trading penny stocks. For those of you who don't know what a penny stock is, they are very volatile stocks that can gain percentages such as 300% in one day, or lose just as much. Most of the stocks I was trading in were stocks that were hyped up and everyone had one goal in mind, which was to make big money. I did have some success in my trades, but most of the time I was burned due to chasing the stock price up, or holding on to the shares to long due to greed. After getting to an unsafe spot where I was doing trades with upto $10,000, I realized I had to stop after one stock I was about to buy into had dropped 58% within seconds before I was about to buy in. I would have lost $5,800 within seconds. After that scary realization on how I could lose my hard earned money, I decided to take a break from trading and try to figure out a new way to invest. I have always known about dividends but, never really realized the power they held until I did more research.

My goal now is to grow as an investor, and to earn my annual salaried income in passive dividend income. Hopefully, I can educate some people down the road to my financial freedom. My goal is to be retired at age 35 with a dividend income I can comfortably live off of. I made this website to educate others and to have proof that there's more to life than slaving away for the man till we are to old to enjoy our youth. 

Join me on my journey to becoming Financially free and, escaping our soul crushing jobs.  

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