August 2018 Independence Fund Update


Every single month I get to sit down and write these updates is another successful month in my books. I get to write about the success I have been experiencing with dividend growth investing as well as motivate and inspire those who may be on the side lines about investing in dividends. I'm glad I started when I did but doesn't everyone always wish they would have started sooner? That's why I write these posts every month. I want to be able to catch as many people as possible and let them know about the great benefits of investing.

With all that being said, I can't wait to share with everyone the results I achieved last month. Nothing shows how amazing the benefits of investing in dividends are until one compares their progress against their own results. 

I brought in $267.20 from 9 companies which represented an increase of over 138.49% from August 2017. five out of the nine companies that paid me dividends last month were monthly payers which really shows how much attention I have been paying towards them. All these companies have been solid monthly payers and it really helps with the compounding affects. 

  • ABBV $39.61
  • PG $26.54
  • OHI $17.16 25.51
  • MAIN $19.85
  • STAG $13.46
  • O $20.12
  • LTC $8.93
  • EPR $17.89
  • T $78.50

The Independence fund absolutely blew this month out of the water without me adding to much extra capital into it. I was able to grow my fund by a staggering $4,478 or 5.29%. I'm not going to lie, I was a little bit shocked by this number since I have had a lot of expenses last month and I wasn't able to invest as much as I typically do. Sometimes it's a good thing to be shocked by finances right?

I had a rather rough month in terms of expenses also. Moving into this second home has caused me to once again start spending money to get this house into shape. One of the reasons I had a hard time saving money in my first home was due to the fact that I was spending 

Total Expenses $3,376

I'm going to be working hard yet again to reduce my monthly expenses but I'm not sure how well I'm going to do in this aspect since I have a lot of improvement work to do around house number two and I'm going to have to balance purchases and saving. I also have a lot of expenses coming up such as getting married and a few maintenance Items that need to be done on my vehicle like new spark plus/coils and brakes. 

With all that being said, I do have a major development happening with house number 1. I made the decision to sell two months ago and I finally accepted an offer at $199,900! Since I only owe $95,000 on house number one I expect to walk away with close to $90k after everything is said and done! I have plans to put $25k into my current home to get rid of PMI, save $10k for kitchen remodel, wedding and invest the other $55k! That's right, I'm going to have $55k In capital to invest! 

With that being said, I'm going to making some big purchases over the next few months and I plan to spread out my spending as the market allows. I plan to allocate all $55k over the next 5 months not including any additional capital I'm going to be adding over that time frame. I'm going to be adding at least 10 new positions and bolstering current ones that are at or near 52 week lows. I'm super excited and the meer thought of it is driving me wild! I can't wait to put this capital to work and smash the $100k portfolio balance mark! 

After crossing the 7k per year dividend mark along with the $100k portfolio balance mark, I expect the portfolio to really start accelerating from here. Who knows what the future holds but I may be breaking $200k near the end of next year! All of this seems like a dream as I remember not only 3 years ago I started this portfolio with only $5,000. It's truly insane to me what one can do with a little bit of diligence and willinnes to achieve when it comes to investing.





July 2018 Independence Fund Update


Another month has come and gone and boy oh boy was July a good one! Nothing makes me more excited then being able to write posts about my current month to month account happenings. It really makes my day when I look back on previous months and reflect on how much my account has been growing. 

I'm also grateful every month to be able to be a dividend investor as not a lot of people my age really care or get excited about investing altogether. Let alone dividend stocks. Most kids want to buy into high volatility stocks for that roller coaster ride. I have been there but I've learned my lesson. I'm extremely lucky to have stumbled upon dividend investing as it has completely changed my life and given me a new perspective into retirement. 

With all that being said, lets get into the good details about what happened last month. I broke a new record in highest amount of dividends received in a single month!! I brought in $393.35 in dividends which is no laughing matter. This record was achieved by receiving payouts from 11 companies and I also posted a $371.53 gain over 2017 which puts me at an astronomical gain of 1,657%!!! Absolutely crazy right?

  • KMB 29.59
  • WHF 28.79
  • MO 37.53
  • O 16.10
  • STAG 13.41
  • FRT 10.09
  • EPR 17.79
  • KIM 32.76
  • VTR 14.22
  • WPC 67.32
  • NRZ 106
  • Total dividends received $393.35

Let's move into the other great part of July. I was very busy with all the extra capital I infused into the portfolio and I sure put all that money hard to work already. At the end of the month my total annual expected dividend income is now at $4,365.86. I'm only $144.14 away from my annual goal of $4,500. I should have made it higher I guess. I'm also just shy of $16,000 away from hitting the annual goal and the big $100,000 mark! This has always been the coveted mark for investors as everyone always says the first 100k is the hardest and the rest is a breeze. I really thought I was setting hard goals that were stretch goals so to speak but I keep surprising myself once I crush my personal goals.

With being so close to breaking the $100,000 mark, I just posted a monster account growth due to all the extra capital we brought in from the puppies. I posted an increase of $12,644 or 17.57%!! This is absoluetely massive and I couldn't be happier with this number!

With all the success my portfolio has seen this month it just continues to encourage me to invest into high quality dividend growth funds. Their are still 4 months left in the year to really drive this account value up and I intend to continue to invest as much extra capital as I can in order to hit my goals by years end. 

I have my eyes on a few new additions and purchases also and I can't wait to build up even more capital in order to deploy it in the right companies. I'm really looking forward towards the sale of my rental property as I have plans to put most of the capital hard to work for me. I have been putting a lot of thought into how I'm going to disperse the capital and I think I'm going to be putting 1/3 of the money into my current mortgage and I'm going to be investing the other 2/3rds into high quality DGI companies. 

I'm super impressed and my portfolio is moving in the right direction. I'm going to be breaking my goal by years end even without the sale of my house so I couldn't be any happier with the results I've achieved without it. I'm actually really feeling like it is going to be possible to get my account value up into the 1 million mark. 

May 2018 Independence Fund Update

ID-100487847 (1).jpg

WOW, what a crazy month it has been. I was only able to get my account update posted last month and it doesn't see like I'll have to much more time to do anything else soon. I've been super busy with moving into the new home and busting out projects that needed to be done right away such as putting up a privacy fence so my Great Danes wouldn't jump over the three foot ones that were present.

On top of moving, my 2.5 year old female Great Dane just gave birth to a litter of 14 beautiful babies. This is a monster litter and my fiance and I have had to do a lot of extra work recently to make sure everyone is eating and staying healthy. It has been insane and although this was a planned pregnancy, we didn't expect her to have as many as she did.

With all that being said, the market has been up and down and my account hasn't really grown much in terms of appreciation and I wasn't able to really invest much last month due to financial restrictions and obligations. 

I did bring in $224.76 in dividend income which is absolutely amazing. I was paid out by eight      companies.

  • PG 14.34
  • OHI 24.81
  • MAIN 19.42
  • STAG 13.29
  • O 15.93
  • EPR 12.96
  • ABBV 29.73
  • T 94.58

This payment represents and increase of 186.34%. This is a massive jump over last year and it's all thanks to ABBV announcing a massive dividend increase and the addition of monthly payers such as O, STAG, EPR and MAIN. 

I also had an amazing month in terms of expense. I don't expect this to last however as this new house we are in requires a lot of TLC. I'm still going to try to keep expenses low but all the appliances need to be replaced and we have a lot of home projects planned to get this house up to par. I'm not to worried however as we are gong to be making some extra money from breeding these dogs and I'll be able to invest over half of it. 

May Expenses = $2,071

The next category is account growth. I had another relatively flat month due to my inability to invest more fund into the market. I did make a nice chunk of change in terms of dividends and I also saw a nice increase in terms of capital appreciation and my account only swung to an increase of $1,200 or 1.86%. Next month is going to be a good one however as I've started to invest a good chunk of capital going into June. 

Overall I can't complain about a monthly growth of 1.86% in total account value when I wasn't able to invest a dime last month. If this rate kept up I'd be retiring sooner then anticipated. The independence Fund is really starting to pick up momentum and It's encouraging to see it growing more and more every month. I'm locking in on that $100,000 mark and I've heard that after that it only gets easier. 

After all is said and done. I did do a bit of purchasing at the time of writing this article and my new expected annual dividend income is now sitting at a whopping $3,593.876!!! I'm very close to breaking the $4,000 mark and at this rate I expect to be breaking that and hopefully my 2018 goal of $4.5k per year. I have my fingers crossed and it is definitely helping with all the aristocrats nearing their 52 week dividend yield high of around 4%.