Achieving My Independence Fund Goals!

This month has been an investors dream market. The market has created such an amazing opportunity to buy in or to add to positions! This is exactly what I have been doing. I have made two amazing purchases this month. First I added PEP to my portfolio and now I have averaged down on my position in AT&T. 

Today I made another great addition to my portfolio and added 26 more shares of AT&T to my holdings.  The company is one of my top favorite holdings due to it's modest payout ratio and high dividend yield.

I was able to pick up 26 shares at a purchase price of $36.95 each. With this purchase I have added $50.96 onto my projected annual dividend payments which now puts my annual projected payout at $807.89!!!!!!!!!!!

I had multiple other companies I was looking at adding to my positions within and ultimately I chose AT&T for a few reasons. First off, I really love this companies track record and its relentless pursuit to increase dividend payout to it's investors and grow company revenue. They have slowly purchased more and more companies in order to increase revenue and maintain it's growth on dividends. They recently announced a merger with Time Warner that is still pending approval that would add another revenue stream to shareholders. I'm still wondering if this will get approved and i'm not worried at all if it gets rejected.

The other reason I love this company is that payout ratio they have, the yield they hand to investors and the technological advances this company is rolling out are all outstanding! AT&T is one of the only companies I have really heard news of about rolling out fiber to it's customers and is moving at a quicker pace then it's competitors. This will be a major revenue for the company if they manage to beat competitors to the fiber market. 

Although the company announced a dividend payout increase of only 3%, they still managed to increase dividend payouts and they are already higher and more reliable then most companies in the US market right now. So even if the company only increases it's annual payout by 3% every year they will still be ahead of many other companies for a long, long time. 

I have already broken 2 out of 3 of my yearly goals and I'm only $600 away from breaking my 3rd and final goal! The two personal goals I have already hit this year were being diversified within 10 holdings within my Independence Fund and pass the $800 projected annual dividend payout mark! The last goal I have set is to break the $20,000 Independence Fund portfolio total by the end of 2017! 

I'm well on my way to achieving my 3rd and final goal and i'm counting down the weeks until I break it! I'm also approaching the end of the year and I can't wait to post my first yearly recap results of the website and the Independence Fund. 

As far as the rest of this month, I'm expecting my RSU units from SBUX to vest into my account at the end of the month which will put my independence Fund at my yearly total goal. I also just received my ABBV dividend payout on the 15th and I'm still expecting one more payout from RY next week. November won't be a milestone breaking month in terms of dividend payments received but it will definitely be a decent one. 

December should be my best month in terms of dividends received, so I'm crossing my fingers and counting down the days.  

Hopefully everyone is having an amazing month so far and is taking advantage of all the awesome purchases available in the market this month.

Thank you for stopping by and leave me a comment below on what you thought of my purchase or how your account is fairing you this month. 

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