October Independence Fund Update

It's one of my favorite times of the month! I love when I'm able to sit down and write about the financial progress my Independence Fund has made from month to month. it really allows me the appreciate and monitor the progress of my fund which keeps me on track and motivated to save my money. I call my passive dividend fund my Independence Fund because that is what I'm trying to achieve with my investments. Financial Independence.  Independence from my job, Independence from financial worries and Independence with my time! These all sound like amazing things right? That's exactly why I set on this financial journey and decided to start this blog to keep track of my trip to success.

October was a rough stock month and sadly I didn't receive any dividend payouts last month. The market goes up and down and sometimes it goes down more then up. My portfolio is currently in the down trend and it hurts to see a lose everyday I log onto my account. I'm still trying to train my mind to look at the total amount of dividend Income I receive from the fund and not on the total value of my portfolio. 

When we choose to invest in the stock market we need to be fully aware of the risks we are taking and remove the emotions from the equation. I try to look at my Independence fund as a 401k where I'm not allowed to remove the money till a certain age. My current portfolio at the time of writing this article was negative $800 for the year. It's a hard thing to swallow when I look at the number because during the middle of this year my portfolio was positive $500. Nonetheless, I'm invested in solid companies that will definitely stand the test of time. What goes down must come up. 

Although my account total basis is negative $800, I've still been able to consistently grow my account due to dividends I have received and money I have been adding to the portfolio.  Below is the bar chart that shows my overall growth my Fund has made over the past 9 months of it's life. 


Historical Independence Fund Value


I was able to grow the Fund over the previous reported month by $945 or 5.72%. I'm very satisfied with that growth over the previous month and will be more then grateful to continue and grow the fund by at least, or close to $1,000 every month.  

I also had two other great things happen last month. Two companies I am invested into announced a dividend increase!  This is one of the reasons why I choose dividend stocks that are able to grow their revenue and dividend year over year.  The two companies that announced a dividend increase are, AT&T and ABBV. 

AT&T announced a dividend increase of .4 per share annually which is an increase of $2.84 per year. This was a percentage increase of 2.84% I also have to note that I miss calculated the payout increase in my previous article and need to adjust it as such. 

ABBV announced a big increase in it's annual dividend payout to the tune of 12.3%! This is a major percentage increase and makes me very happy! This was an increase of .28  from $2.28 to $2.56 per share annually. This will affect my annual dividend Income in the amount of $4.76 per year. 

With just these two companies I have added an extra $7.60 towards my annual dividend payout per year! Some people may not think this is much but just remember that this is just from two of my holdings. I expect the other seven companies I hold to announce dividend increases also. I'm guessing that it will be in total an increase of $30-40 towards my dividend income. This amount will continue to grow every year and that is exactly the goal of dividend income investing!

Even though it wasn't an exciting month in terms of receiving dividends the Fund still had some great happenings with purchasing additional shares of JNJ, DUK and receiving my two dividend increases. Over all I'm super satisfied with the continuing direction of the fund and I'm super excited to see what next year holds for me.

Long all aforementioned stocks, Image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.