Smashing The Yearly Milestone!

This week marked a very big week for me and the Independence Fund! I have officially broken all the goals that have set for myself and the Independence Fund. I set a goal to own 10 different companies within my portfolio, Achieve $800 in projected annual dividend income and lastly have an account balance of $20,000. 

I'm so happy to say that I have broken all my goals ahead of schedule! Perhaps I should have set my goals a little higher but I wanted to set reasonable goals and be able to achieve the milestones I set before myself.

As I think towards to year of 2017 and the goals I have to grow my account I'm going to be increasing my metrics a little bit in order to have a difficult but also possible goal to hit for the next year also. I assume I'am going to be able to maintain the same savings rate I have kept all year so I will be able to come up with some good goals and be able to work towards them as I have this year.

Not only did I break all my yearly account goals, I also managed to add another 12 shares of PEP to my account holdings. I filled the order at $102.47 per share and this has affected my projected annual dividend income by adding $36.12 to my yearly projection. With this new addition to the portfolio my projected Annual dividend income now sits at $844.01 per year! 

Its hard to believe that I'm so close to breaking the $1,000 in annual projected dividend received milestone. I just started on this journey to financial freedom only 9 months ago and it's amazing to look at the progress I have already made in such a short amount of time. I'm really hoping I can sustain this pace of high savings and investing every month. It definitely has been difficult to forgo purchasing things that I typically didn't have to wait for. But the trade off is definitely worth it when I look back on where I came from in just a short amount of time. 

I have more control of my finances now and I have a nice amount of money saved on the side now that is working for me and earning me passive income along with investment income! It gives me great satisfaction and joy to look at the position I'm in now that I could have just passed up. Many people don't start worrying about their financial future till they are older and they have lost a lot of the benefits that time has to offer for investing in the stock market. 

I sometimes think to myself that I wish I would have started this account sooner and started investing early but as I read other peers investment blogs, I have realized that I still have started at a great age compared to others and I'am just super grateful to have started it now when I had the chance. Besides, all the spending I've done up to this point in my life have been for great purposes such as purchasing a house and fixing it up. 

In a way, purchasing my home and fixing it up has been another form of investment that I under took just 3 years ago. I purchased my home at $129,000 and the current value of my house is now over $200,000. I have made an upside of $70,000 which I plan to put to use one day soon once I sell my house.  I don't really know when this will happen specifically but I plan to use the equity I have gained in this home to purchase a new home outright hopefully have no mortgage payment from there on out.

I still have one more month left in the year but I don't believe I will be able to add much more capital to the account next month due to the increase of expense I will have due to the holiday season. I will still being frugal with my purchases but I don't believe I will have much play left in my budget for investing. If I happen to have extra money to add to the account that will be amazing but I'm not holding my breath. I do also have a few more dividend payouts coming my way which will also help boost my account value as we head towards the end of the year.

I'm very excited for the next coming year and the further growth of the Independence Fund and hopefully the blog. I hope everyone elses accounts and investments are going well for them as also this year. 

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