November Independence Fund Update

The Independence Fund was established for a clear purpose which is to gain Independence over my life. What this means to me is independence from work, independence from financial struggles and  true freedom to enjoy my life and not be held down by any obligations that would require sacrifice of my time and life. My dream is to be able to wake up every day with no alarm clocks, no pressure to rush through chores until I have to work and no stress caused by the obligations of work.

It makes me happy to say that I have hit all three of my goals this year for my Independence Fund! This has allowed me to have a new outlook into my journey towards financial freedom. I now know that I'm one step closer towards gaining financial Independence and being able to overcome the mission I have set my self out to do.

The three goals I set and accomplished for my personal Fund were to own 10 different companies within my portfolio, achieve an annual passive dividend income amount of $800 or greater and last but not least to have an account balance of $20,000. I have hit all of these goals that I set for the account and I couldn't be happier!

It also was a great month in terms for dividends received in the Independence Fund. During the month of November I received $62.23. I expect my monthly dividend income to sit around this amount until I can continue to add more into the fund to boost up my passive income. I'm very happy with this amount currently for the amount of money I have invested into the account.

I'm currently working on setting new goals for the Independence Fund for the year of 2017 and I'm hoping to be able to get my average monthly dividend income to hit more of the $100 per month mark. I will be thinking long and hard on those ones overt the next month because I want t set reasonable goals but I also want to set goals that will push me to higher levels. 

The growth my account has achieved is absolutely amazing for a single month! I was able to achieve an increase of $3,306 which represents an increase of 18.4%! This is very exciting to be able to see such an amazing increase over last month. 

I only dream to be able to keep this level of investing up but I need to be realistic and I only was able to stash away such a great amount of capital was because I had received my Starbucks stocks from my company vesting and I also received my quarterly bonus paycheck. Looking back on my Independence Fund updates It's easy to see that the average amount I'm able to contribute to the Fund per month is $1,000 which is still a very good monthly amount in my opinion!

Overall I'm so grateful to be able to look back on my progress and see where the account stands today! I'm really hoping to be able to maintain my high level of savings rate and continue this snowball into 2017 and continue to keep the ball rolling. Seeing the high level of savings I was able to achieve in just 10 Months I'm liking the idea of adding $25,000 more into the portfolio next year and hitting an account value of $50,000.

Now I realize this is a very big jump of $29,000 but I'm expecting to be able to maintain my high level of savings and also benefit from the dividend income my Fund will provide me with and also with the investment income I'm expecting to receive from the account. 

I'm very excited to continue to document this journey as it has only served as a catalyst to fuel my commitment to financial freedom! 

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