Watch List and Upcoming Dividends Payouts

I really want to focus on the positives of this month and focus in on some great company buy in opportunities available. I'm also very excited about receiving two more dividend payouts this month which will be a nice top off for the end of the month.

November is shaping up to be quite the roller coaster! Many Major companies earnings reports have been decent at best. Most companies have been releasing a downgraded outlook for 2017 which doesn't help the current down trend the market is currently facing. Add the election on top of all this, with investors nervous about the outcome for the election and BAM, it is a good time to buy some beaten down stocks. 

I don't have a lot of extra capital to add to the market this month but, I' am starting it off nicely with a smooth $1,000 which, is always my preferred amount I like to buy in with. The reason I like this number is because it keeps my commission percentage low. Last month I did buy in with less then my preferred amount but I did manage to take advantage of some opportunities. If you haven't read my previous articles they can be found right here. I explain some of the buy ins and why I wanted to get in sooner, rather then later. 

lets get into my current watch list for the month.

One of the companies I purchased last month was ABBV. I purchased in at a great price and I'm very confident in the product they produce and the growth the product has received by over 10%. The one issue I feel is that this product Humira is responsible for 65% of the companies revenue. I do see that the company is going to be maintaining and growing this product still but I wish they would have a little less reliance on it. The Pharmaceutical stocks are rather beaten down at the moment due to controversy around drug prices in America compared to other countries.

The company recently announced an amazing dividend increase of 12.28%!! This is a massive increase and it's exactly why I look for company's with room to grow their dividends. Even with the most recent dividend increase, the payout ratio of the company is sitting at 53.1%

This company has a lot of room to grow it's product line right now and it will be delivering dividend increases and dividend payouts for years to come. I'm looking at adding to my position on this one real soon.

I wrote an article about this company a long time ago and I have been following it for awhile without making a move until now. The Company is Pepsi (PEP). I love the fundamentals of this company and how they own so many different brands within their company. This really helps the company in ways of diversification which ensure that the company has a wide reach and is able to capture more sales in different markets. 

The company has stayed pretty consistent within it's current price range with fluctuations of $4-$5. This is great because it shows that the price Is stable and that it has a good base to launch off from as long as it maintains it's current revenue growth.

I held off on purchasing this company back in the beginning because I was trying to ramp up my dividend payout and the yield was lower then other companies I was looking at. A lot of other companies had some amazing entry positions that tipped the capital in their favor. I'm now looking at Pepsi as a good addition to my portfolio but i'm just waiting for the right price entry point. 

The yield is at a healthy 2.77% and the payout ratio is at 62.7%, The company is at a great position currently and is poised for growth in it's future.


I'm really looking forward to the rest of the month. The market has been great and my portfolio has had some amazing investment growth in the past few days. 

I plan on making a purchase very soon which will actually put my portfolio right at 10 company holdings which was my yearly goal.

I also am expecting two more dividend payouts this month which will put this month as my second best in terms of dividend payments received.  

Hopefully everyone enjoys the rest of the month and has had some opportunities to get some great profits.