First Monthly Dividend Fund Update

I can't even express how excited Iam to be able to write about this right now! I have been thinking long and hard on a good solid name for my Dividend portfolio account and I believe I have the right one. The new name of my dividend fund will be... Drumroll please. The Independence Fund! Now why am I going to be calling it that? I believe it is aptly named due to the goal I'm trying to achieve with this fund. This fund is going to provide me with the independence i'm seeking from the daily grind at work. What better thing to own in life than our own Independence? This is the very reason I created this website. To have a documented success story that has a beginning, middle and end to my journey of Financial Freedom. It is very hard to find Financial success stories that have an in detailed look into how that person became wealthy. This is exactly what This website will achieve.

Although the total value of this account is important, the main goal of the Independence Fund is to increase the passive dividend income I receive annually.  All the money I add to this account every month is from my hard work, frugality, diligently saving and my reinvested dividends. 


I couldn't Have asked for a better month to start my portfolio! I was able to take some very nice key positions on my companies I chose to invest in. I was closely watching the market at waiting for the lows to bottom out to add my positions. I did jump the gun a little soon and I could have secured an even better position in Ford and IBM. I was trying to get in before the Ex Dividend date so I would be getting the next dividend payout. Hindsight is twenty twenty though.

I did a lot of buying last month and was able to purchase $4,500 worth of stocks. Now this was a rarity and I most likly will not be trading with this type of money every month. I was able to pick up some great positions in Ford, IBM and Wal-mart this month. I couldn't be happier on how these stocks are already working for me. now just to start receiving those dividends. Slow and steady wins the race.

Now let's have a recap of the expenses for February.

-Mortgage          $960
-Car Payment     $250
-Cable/Internet   $176  
The cable bill was a little higher last month due to an accounting error. 
-Electric               $122
-Natural Gas       $88
-water Bill            $70   
Amortized over three months
-Grocery              $405
-Car Insurance   $104
Amortized over 6 months

Total expenses  $2,174

My expenses were a little less than last month which is great. I was able to cut back by not buying unnecessary items at the grocery store. I expect from here on out my month to month expenses will be lowering. I'm going to be living a little more frugal. The cable companies billing error will also help lower my total expenses next month also.

Now to finally get to how my portfolio is doing. Since I just started the Independence Fund last month I wasn't expecting anything to crazy. I'm super pumped to announce that my portfolio is at $4,745.22. That is a $269 difference over last month on just growth!  It has been a very volatile year for stocks, so i'm glad to have achieved such great growth. Also, keep in mind I did spend $23.85 on trading fees last month. I have set a personal goal to obtain $1,000 Dollars in dividend income this year. I will be receiving my dividend payout from IBM and WMT in April. I expect this dividend payout to be $22.30.

Independence Fund Value

Values shown In USD


These monthly updates are really to show the increases, and decreases the market has month to month on my equities. I don't really focus on the total dollar value of my portfolio. rather, I look at what that total portfolio value is doing for me in terms of dividend income. I do like to look back and keep track of my securities as I go along. it helps to assess where i'm currently at, and if any companies are at an attractive price point. If a company is doing well, or poorly I can do my diligence and see if a company is worth adding more to my position or, potentially letting go,

I have a long ways to go but, you know what they say, you eat an elephant one bite at a time right? As the months go on, I will also be updating on dividends received in a given month. I will also get some nice, and fancy graphs to keep track of my progress. I will be adding to my portfolio this month, so keep a look out for my buy articles. I can't wait to have a beginning middle and end story to how I retired at 35. Thanks for reading guys. As always, feel free to comment and leave your thoughts behind.

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Full Disclosure: long on all the aforementioned stocks.