The Beginning To Financial Freedom

To anyone one interested in my goal to becoming Financially free. 

Hello, My name is Kevin and my goal of this blog is to document, and highlight the moves I take towards becoming financially free. I always thought that I have had a good start to what I have done at my age (24). I have a house, and a job I love managing a coffee shop. Although, it is not much, I have managed to establish a pretty good start for myself. I have owned a home for 3 years now, which has set me back a little bit in terms of available cash flow.

Expenses per month include

-Mortgage          $960
-Car Payment     $250
-Cable/Internet   $146
-Electric               $144
-Natural Gas       $90
-water Bill            $70
-Grocery              $500
-Car Insurance   $104

Total expenses  $2010

After my two paychecks of $1041.56 I have $74 left over after each month. 

My biggest debt includes the mortgage outstanding of $102,928.00

After evaluating my current expenses and income I need a way to achieve financial freedom from all the day to day expenses. My goal is to build up a dividend portfolio so that I can make my annual salary to help pay off my home sooner than the 27 years I currently have left. 

The beginning steps I will be taking to achieve these goals are using the assets currently available to me from my work provided RSUs and to reduce my month to month sending by becoming more frugal with my money.

In my 401k IRA I have $16,900.
-Roth   $3,900
-401K  $13,000

In my brokerage account I currently have $5,000 in shares of SBUX

Every Month I will report the total balance of my portfolio, how much dividend income I received in that month and, the total expenses I incurred for the last month. how much

My goal is to keep better track of my stock purchases and keep me on target for my dividend fund growth goal. I will also be posting all of the detailed research and information I look at before I purchase shares of a company.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs!

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