March Stock Buy

Sorry It has taken so long to get another article up. It has been a very busy month at work, and I have been trying to catch up on a few home improvement projects. Although, I should be saving for my Independence Fund, I just love home improvement projects. I have diligently saving my money and not spending it on anything frivolous that I don't need. I have been trying to decide what company to spend my hard earned cash on and decided that i was going to add to my position of Ford. 

Double Down

I'm absolutely in love with Ford as a company at the moment! The stock has made some great moves since I purchased last month and has been one of the best gainers in my portfolio. I'm not really in it for the investments gains, but more of the long term dividend growth this portfolio is going to provide me with. Investment gains can be rather volatile, so I rather focus on the dividend growth. So why did I average up my position in Ford?  I purchased 78 shares of Ford on 3/24/2016. The company had some really silly news about trump bashing them for having a few plants in Mexico.  Trump called out the CEO of the company and said that he is outsourcing jobs to Mexico and Ford was one of the reasons America is losing so much money to outsourced jobs. This is rather silly because Ford has some of the largest manufacturing plants here In Michigan.  Nevertheless, I took advantage of the 3% dip and added to my position. I'm pretty topped off on Ford right now since they are about 52% of my portfolio. I will be diversifying more as the months go on. 

A few other key notes as to why I'm loving Ford.

-As long as gas prices remain low the company is going to continue the major demand for trucks.

- Ford has just announced it will be expanding its SUV segment which is one of the most profitable and populars line ups.

_ They are pumping a lot of money into over sea sales to produce a factory that is solely going to produce it's new SUVS for that region.


With the 78 shares of Ford purchased, I have added another $46.80 to my annual dividend income. Everytime I buy more dividend stocks it puts me one step closer to my goal. I'm excited for the upcoming Ford Income announcement for the quarter as I have a feeling it is going to be good. 

Ford is a fundamentally sound company with plenty of top room to grow its dividend.


Full Disclosure: Long Ford.

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