Independence Fund Update

This will be the second update I have posted on my independence fund, and man has it grown already! What an amazing month march was. I had some great investment growth, received my first dividend payout, and made some great stock purchases. I recently bought shares of Wells Fargo which, I will be posting an article for next week. What better thing to own in life than our own Independence? This is the very reason I created this website. To have a documented success story that has a beginning, middle and end to my journey of Financial Freedom. It is very hard to find Financial success stories that have an in detailed look into how that person became wealthy. This is exactly what This website will achieve.

Although the total value of this account is important, the main goal of the Independence Fund is to increase the passive dividend income I receive annually.  All the money I add to this account every month is from my hard work, frugality, diligently saving and my reinvested dividends. 


Now let's have a recap of the expenses for March.

-Mortgage          $960
-Car Payment     $250
-Cable/Internet   $136
-Electric               $132
-Natural Gas       $74
-water Bill            $63
Amortized over three months
-Grocery              $254
-Car Insurance   $104
Amortized over 6 months

MISC-                   $346

Total expenses  $2,319

I've really been cutting back on my spending and trying to purchase only what I really need. This is to ensure that I'm saving the maximum I can to achieve my aggressive goals. I did work on a home improvement project which added to my MISC spending. 

Independence Fund Activity

I had some awesome growth last month, and my portfolio value is now at $7,065.12. That represents a $2,319.90 bump over last month!  I had some awesome investment growth and my $14.40 dividend income from IBM. Year to date my trading fees now stand at $39.75. This is exactly why I like to keep trades above the $1,000 mark. 

I secured some awesome positions of Ford, and of Wells Fargo. Both companies are amazing dividend choices and I can't wait to see the fruits from them in the coming months.

My current annual dividend payout is at $246. This is $754 away from my annual dividend payout rate of $1,000. I still have a long ways to go but i'm confident that I will hit my goal by the end of the year!



All in all, it has been an amazing month! The month of April will be something to look forward to as I plan to be purchasing more stocks and receiving my dividend payout from Wal-Mart! 

I'm really loving the direction of this website and my Independence Fund. My goal is to get on here and write more blogs that can inspire, and educate others on dividends and stocks in general.

How did the month go for everyone else? Did you make some buys? Receive any Dividend income? Comment in the box and let me know!

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Full Disclosure: long on all the aforementioned stocks.