Dividends Earned!

Last week was a very busy work week for me! I really wanted to get more posts on the website but I just had way too much going on. 

This is a very exciting moment because this is my very first dividend report! From here on out i'm going to be writing articles whenever I receive dividends to help keep me on track and keep a better eye on the growth I will be receiving from these dividends. After all, growth is what i'm looking for in the long term. Dividend growth and time in the market is the secret recipe i'm looking for in order to meet my goal of retiring at a young age of 35.

The Goods

Last Month I purchased shares of IBM and WMT. I bought these shares right on time, before the ex dividend date (P.S. That is a link to the definition) in order to receive the payout of the next dividend the company was doling out. This really panned out for me because I have received some nice investment growth on IBM in addition to the cash dividend that was payed out into my brokerage account.

I'm glad to have entered into my positions when I did because I was able to get some great payouts this month. 

For the year of 2016 I set a personal cash Dividend receiving goal of $1,000. This is a very steep goal but I don't feel that it is untouchable if I start getting some good amounts of money into great dividend growth companies. Let's see how I did this month!

IBM Dividends received $14.30

This sets me pretty far from my goal. I have $985.70 to go until I reach my yearly goal! Wohoo! You know that saying though? You eat an elephant one bite at a time. 


This amount seems rather small but, granted this was free money I received just for being a shareholder. I didn't have to wake up, get dressed, shovel food into my mouth and go to work for the next eight hours. I chose my investments wisely, monitored them throughout the month and received my payout. Isn't that the dream life? 

How was the month for you guys? Did you receive any dividends? How about investment growth? Let me know in the comment box below!


Full Disclosure: Long all aforementioned stocks.

Photo credit: LendingMemo via Foter.com / CC BY