Independence Fund Update

Last month was a crazy month! I didn't post any articles and didn't even have a monthly update on my Independence Fund.

What a bummer.

This is a new month however and I need to get back on track with posting my moves on my website and being more active with my thoughts and articles. The biggest struggle is slotting out the time for it. 

 What better thing to own in life than our own Independence? This is the very reason I created this website. To have a documented success story that has a beginning, middle and end to my journey of Financial Freedom. It is very hard to find Financial success stories that have an in detailed look into how that person became wealthy. This is exactly what This website will achieve.

Although the total value of this account is important, the main goal of the Independence Fund is to increase the passive dividend income I receive annually.  All the money I add to this account every month is from my hard work, frugality, diligently saving and my reinvested dividends. 

May Expenses

I have Finally paid off my car! This will free up and Extra 300$ every Month!

-Mortgage          $960
-Cable/Internet   $136
-Electric               $132
-Natural Gas       $39
-water Bill            $63
Amortized over three months
-Grocery              $172
-Car Insurance   $104
Amortized over 6 months

MISC-                   $243

Total expenses  $1,849

The extra money saved from not having a car payment will really help me boost my ability to save. My goal is to have $20,000 in the independence fund by the end of the year!

All In all it was a great month and I was able to stash a lot of extra cash away.

Dividends Received Last Month

Now, lets get down to the good part!

Last month was a great month for dividends earned.

I received,

$22.50 from Wal-Mart

$36.75 from Ford

$7.60 From Wells Fargo

$7.41 From Apple

Totally I received $74.26 in Dividends. Now that may not seem like a lot, but If i can expect this quarterly that will equal $297.00 a year just from owning these stocks.

This puts my total cash earned from dividends this year at $88.46. This does not seem like a lot at all. But I missed a lot of the first dividend payouts due to when I started this account. If I continue with my current trend of investing and saving I project I should come into the $600 range for dividends earned by the end of this year.

My current Yearly Dividend income sits at $420.36 which represents a yield of 3.6%. This percentage is based 100% off of pure dividends without any investment growth. It's not a bad start considering I just started this portfolio 4 months ago!


Monthly Account Balance


I'm super happy with the balance and the direction of my portfolio! 

I cant wait till the end of the year when I can finally write down thew words that I hit my yearly account balance goal!

Let me know down in the comments below if you guys had any good dividend income last month!

Full Disclosure: long on all the aforementioned stocks. 

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