July Stock buys and Mini Independence Fund update

It has been a long time since I posted an article! Shame on me... I always say I don't have time but  I truly need to make it a priority. I have made a few buys this month and will be posting a Mini Update on the Independence fund balance and happenings for July.

On 6/27/16 I purchased 28 shares of WFC at $46.85.  This represents a $42.56 Annual Dividend Payout.

On 7/22/16 I purchased 72 shares of F at $13.77. This represents a $43.20 Annual Dividend Payout.

The reason I added more to both of these positions is because I truly love what the company is doing still to this date. They have a great yield, good payout ratio and a good direction for the company. I scored a deal on my position of WFC and I feel I paid a little to high for my ford but, I wanted to get in time for the dividend.

With these two purchases this month I have added another $85.76 to my annual Dividend Payout.

So far I'm super happy with where my account is at right now and the dividend power that is working for me. My total dividend payout now sits at a whopping $506.12 a year!! It's not enough to retire off of but it's a great start! Currently my fund represents a 3.8% dividend Yield.

The Independence Fund is rocking it out this year! I have a Return rate of 18% YTD!!!

Independence Fund History


I'm super happy with the balance and the direction of my portfolio! 

I cant wait till the end of the year when I can finally write down thew words that I hit my yearly account balance goal!

Let me know down in the comments below if you guys had any good dividend income last month!

Full Disclosure: long on all the aforementioned stocks. 

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net