July/Mid August Independence Fund Update

July was a rough month for me at work and it doesn't look like its getting better anytime soon. Its been a struggle for me to balance my personnel life and work life lately. I'm going to get back into investing a bit more of my time with my web site and to keep up to date with my investment purchases. 

What better thing to own in life than our own Independence? This is the very reason I created this website. To have a documented success story that has a beginning, middle and end to my journey of Financial Freedom. It is very hard to find Financial success stories that have an in detailed look into how that person became wealthy. This is exactly what This website will achieve.

Although the total value of this account is important, the main goal of the Independence Fund is to increase the passive dividend income I receive annually.  All the money I add to this account every month is from my hard work, frugality, diligently saving and my reinvested dividends. 

its been a long time since I have been active with my posts. I'm working towards making posts more of a priority so I can at least do monthly updates along with stock purchase updates.  

Its been a relatively flat month as far as trading goes. This month should be a really good month for receiving dividends. I'm expecting dividends from F, AAPL and WFC. XOM and WMT also when Ex-Dividend on 8/10 .When I look back at how I started the Independence Fund I'm super happy with the total balance I have achieved so far. 

I recently Purchased 11 shares of XOM Exxon Mobile oil company for $90.13 A share. This adds a $33 to my annual dividend income which bumps me up to $535 of dividend income per year! I will be posting some Exxon Mobile DD soon!

The amount of Dividends I have received this year is lacking but that was because I did not have much start up capital and I bought in after many companies had there Ex-Dividend dates. 



Independence Fund History


All in all, it has been an amazing month! The month of August will be something to look forward to as I plan to be purchasing more stocks and receiving my dividend payouts.

How did the month go for everyone else? Did you make some buys? Receive any Dividend income? Comment in the box and let me know!

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Full Disclosure: long on all the aforementioned stocks.