More August Stock buys!

If anyone has been following the market then, they know that it has been a rough month for stocks the past couple of weeks. My portfolio has remained stagnant while taking a bit of a downturn. Some of my biggest holdings have been on a downward trend recently which is hard to watch. I feel assured in the companies that I own and the decision I made when I invested into them. I trust that this is just a little dip in the market and the companies I hold will remain strong with their dividend payout. One of my favorite Dividend companies Ford (F) has had a particularly rough time after the BREXIT. It is always hard watching your investments go down in value but you must trust the decision you made and stick with it! The markets will fluctuate but in the long run these companies are going to continue to grow and payout their dividends. This is one reason why it is very vital to do your due diligence on all companies before purchasing in.  Even some of the companies like AT&T, Wal-mart, and even Johnson&Johnson have taken a downward trend. These are companies that I rarely see take more then a 1% drop in a day. 

Taking Advantage of The Dips

One of my all time favorite times to buy in is when companies are in a downward trend. I like to wait it out for as long as possible till and upward positive trend starts back. The reason why is because no one likes seeing the money they just put into an investment drop the very next day. This has happened to me so often enough, where I always tell my self I should have waited longer and then I would have been able to buy in at an even cheaper price. Everything doesn't happen how we always plan it though. 

On 8/15/2016 I purchased 8 shares of JNJ at $122.60.  This will add an additional $24 to my annual dividend income. This puts me one step closer to my goal of $1,000 in annual dividends. i'm currently sitting at $559. with a new year coming up, i'm expecting most of these companies to continue to increase dividend payouts as they have been doing for a very long time.

Here are some facts and reasons why I love this company!

  • Dividend Yield


  • Annualized Payout


  • Payout Ratio


  • Dividend Growth

    53 yrs

  • EPS $6.69  P/E 22.78


Johnson and Johnson is a very strong stock and I wish I would have waited a couple more days to buy in at an even lower price! I'm in no way worried about my investments and remain confident in the choice I have made. 

I'm actually kind of excited to see some of the companies I love drop to a price that I feel is a steal! I'm going to be monitoring my portfolio very closely and look at adding to a few of my positions again this month! It has been a great month so far for investing and I cant wait to add to my annual dividend income!

Has anyone else every been in this situation when they made a purchase? It hurts, I know. Be strong and ride it out and have faith in your investments. Remember that dividends are a long term mindset and to look past the day to day roller coaster of the markets.

I'm going to be working on a new page dedicated to my total portfolio including my 401k balance, work RSU units and my Independence Fund Balance.  I will also be working on a nice and streamlined way to keep track of my dividend on my new page dedicated to dividend gains. Hopefully ill be done with all the new website updates by the end of the month.

I'm open to website feedback so if anyone has anything useful to let me know.

Long all Aforementioned stocks

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