Reflection on This Years Current Success.

I was just doing some back tracking on my first post and wow, it makes me super happy to see where my Independence Fund has come from in just 7 short months. I'm also super excited that in my first post (click on it to read) I documented how much I had in my Fidelity portfolio. This is the whole reason why I started on this journey and decided to start this website to begin with. It gives me a greater sense of how much I have accomplished in such a short amount of time and keeps me motivated to live frugally and continue to invest my time and money into this life goal that I have!

In just 7 months I was able to establish myself with a current annual dividend payout of $559 per month, invest 15k of my own money I saved into dividend stocks and save $5,700 into my work 401k! 

I crunched the numbers and so far, year to date, my total Fidelity Fund has grown by $21,367! That is a lot of cash in just 7 short months! 

I'm super happy that I can look back at my first purchases and learn from mistakes I have made and use all the information I have documented to become a better investor and hopefully a bit better of a blogger. 

My current goal is to get my Independence fund to 20k by the end of the year! I'm inching closer and closer every month. I expect to hit this number at my current rate sooner then expected! 

I'm really excited to be able to put my time into my website also as my account grows and I have more activity that I will be able to post about. I'm really looking forward to next month as I will be getting some nice dividend checks and have some extra capital to make some fantastic purchases that will put me a little bit closer to achieving my goal of financial freedom! 

My goal next month is to hopefully make two fantastic stock purchases that will push me a littler closer to my current dividend income goal of 1k. A lot of companies will be increasing their dividend payouts soon so, I'm also looking forward to that! 

Dreams like this don't happen over night for most of us, but I plan to really stay focused on my goals and show people that with a little bit of knowledge, diligent investing and living frugally, one can become financially independent over time with the use of dividends! 

I hope I can inspire and educate some people along my journey to achieving my goals!

Has anyone else experienced any great success with their portfolios? Let me know in the comments below!

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