September Buy Article!

The market has been a roller coaster the past couple days. Friday was especially rough considering the market was down on its second day of heaviest losses this year. I will admit it hurts too look at your portfolio and see all that red. Although, In my mind I see a great opportunity to pick up shares with great upside potential. I have already written an article on some stats from AT&T. I will summarize some of the top stats and why I love this company. On 9/9, I purchased 28 shares of T at a price of $40.90. This will give me an annual yield of $53.76. This finally puts me at  $616.88 a year! 

  • Dividend Yield


  • Annualized Payout


  • Payout Ratio


  • Dividend Growth

    31 yrs

  • EPS $2.86P/E 17.22

I was able to buy in a great price. I do have an extra $1,000 in my fidelity account that I'm saving for some great opportunities. I wish I would have waited till today to purchase T since it is lower then I purchased in at but Heine sight is 20/20.

I will definitely be making another purchase this month but I really am looking at diversifying (Link to September watch List) more with this next purchase and purchasing into either PG or a utilities such as DUK or CNP. I'm still undecided but I really like CNP financials more.

With so many great companies I'm finding it harder and harder to choose which one I want to put my cash! I'm definitely waiting for some bargains to pop up as I'm not in a rush to spend this cash In my fidelity account. 

How was everyone else been fairing this month? anyone make any good purchases? does anyone have any advice on a good utility company?

Long AT&T. At the time of writing this article I didn't own any shares of PG, DUK or CNP

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