September Watch List

August was a particularly expensive month for me. I had a lot of random expenses pop up. However, I still managed to scrounge up $1k to put into my brokerage account somehow.

Another great thing about this month is that I will be receiving Three pay checks! This is really going to allow me to throw a little extra capital into the Independence Fund this month. I always enjoy having a little extra powder to throw in on a given month. 

I'm debating if I want to sit on the $1,158 Cash in my brokerage account right now, or make a purchase. I'm kind of leaning towards waiting till I'm able to put another $1k in and receive my dividends From WMT and XOM.

If a great opportunity arises before then though, I will definitely pulling the trigger on a few positions I have my eyes on getting into. I'm really trying to diversify my portfolio right now and trying to get to 10 positions held by the end of this year. 

Some companies I'm currently watching are PG, T, XOM, DUK and EMR.  Im really liking where all these stocks are at price wise. I would love to add to my T position to keep my overall portfolio at a modest yield ratio of 3.5% at the same time I would also like to diversify my portfolio a bit more and add some positions in different sectors.

I have had my eyes on a good utility company for a while now. I'm really torn between CNP and DUK. I'm currently leaning towards DUK as I like their current numbers a but more then CNP. I will be monitoring both closely for the next couple months till I see a good opportunity arise.

PG is a no brainier. It is one of the dividend aristocrats and arguably one of the safest bets one can take in the market. I will also be keeping an eye on this one for the next couple months till I see a good opportunity to stake a position. 

Next week I really have my eyes on T as the chart is really setting up for a nice leg up again. As long as the company performs well with this coming earnings release we should see a very nice run on this stock. Support is very strong in the $40-$41 levels and I think this stock can really run past it's 52 week high with some great quarter results. The company recently released gigabit internet and is making great strides to become more fiber optic oriented in relation to internet provision. I'm really excited to see what this company will look like in years to come from now.

Again, I'm super excited for this months purchases and will be waiting patiently to make my next move. I will be doing a buy article as soon as I take my position! 

Historically September is not a great months for stocks which is fine by me as I love getting some stocks at a sale price. It always makes me feel more comfortable buying on the dips then on the upticks. 

Happy stock hunting guys!

Does anyone have their eyes on any positions this month?

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I currently don't own any positions in PG, EMR, DUK, CNP. Long T, WMT, XOM