January 2017 Watchlist

This month has been a rough start for the portfolio. This has been due to a few dips in some of the funds in my holdings. I have managed to invest a bit of spare money I was able to scrounge up after the holidays, I did go a bit over board with my spending and It has definitely put me in a tough position. I still have a lot of random expenses that I must fulfill in the next few months that will continue to be a hindrance on my cash flow I'm able to put into my fund.

I have started this year off in the right direction with an amazing purchase adding to my holdings of AbbVie. I was able to take advantage of a dip this company experienced in light of an amazing news article stating that the company was increasing the guidance for it's quarter to the tune of an EPS growth of 12-15%. This wasn't enough to hold the stock afloat in wake of investors fears. nevertheless, I bought in spite of the markets fears and I was able to add a nice chunk towards my holdings.

I'am super excited to get my tax payment and put that extra money to work for me. I'm not expecting as much as I received last year but I will be getting a good chunk that I will be able to throw right into the fund.

I have a very good line up of stocks on my watch list for the next couple months and I can;t wait to add a few of these gems to my portfolio as I bolster my passive income this year. I have set some very aggressive goals for 2017 and I will definitely be hitting them!

The two foremost companies I can't wait to invest into are LEG and ORI. I have had my eyes on these two for a few months now and I will definitely be pulling the trigger on one of these two once I get the capital and the right opportunity presents itself. The other companies on my watch list are EMR, AFL, TROW and QCOM.

The Freedom fund has also undergone a few projected annual dividend payout adjustments. KMB announced a 5.4% dividend increase which is an amazing number but it only affected my annual payout by +$1.60 per year! every dollar counts though. The other one that was disappointing to me was that RY decreased their payout by 2.5% which affected my annual payout by -$1.26. These obviously have a very small impact on my portfolio but as it grows, changes like this will affect me more.

I'm looking forward to my next purchase very much and I will defineitly be getting an article out when the time comes.

How did everyone elses month go?let me know in the cpomments if you recieved a payout increase.