New Addition Too A Current Position

I have started off the year in an amazing way. I have already received dividend payouts from two companies this year. I can't think of any other way that I would like to start off the year 2017. I have a lot of bills starting off the new year along with a few unexpected bills. I'm still going to try to put as much capital away as I can but I'm not starting it off how I would like to. That being said, I was still able to put away $800 this week and add a great addition to my portfolio.

The market has been very volatile and I was able to take advantage of a dip this morning on a company I already own shares of.  I have been wanting to add more capital towards this company for awhile now and I was finally able to put some money aside for it.

On 1/11/2017 I purchased 12 shares of ABBV at $61.84 per share. This affected my projected annual dividend income by $33.28 per year.

Total projected Dividend Income in 2017 is now currently at $994.01. 

I thought it was going to take longer for my portfolio to cross the $1,000 mark but now I know I will break this milestone with the addition of the special dividend payout Ford is handing out.

Ford recently announced this special dividend of .05 per share which will amount to $15.85 extra for this payout. with this special dividend payout my projection plus special payment puts me at $1,009.86!!!

Now I know this special payout is not a permanent bump up but I will definitely take whatever payout bonuses I can get. 

I'am a little disappointed in the fact that Ford did not choose to increase their annual dividend payout but rather kept it at .15 per quarter. I would have preferred that they split up the special dividend four ways and simply added it to their annual dividend payout.

That being said, I will continue to hold onto Ford throughout this year since they have such an amazing yield and I know that it is still guaranteed through this year. I will swing back around and analyze what to do with the holdings next year based upon how the year goes for the company and what they decide to do with their dividend payout next year.

I really love the my latest addition to my portfolio also. They just had some major news that really pushed me to go ahead and add more to my position. They had an adjusted EPS growth of 12-15% projection that is amazing news. Not only have they been paying out dividends for   -years, they also had an amazing dividend increase last quarter from .57 to .64 per quarter. this represents a 12.3% increase!

Abbvie has been serving up dividend payout increase for 44 consecutive years! This is exactly what a dividend growth investor looks for as this is key to staying ahead of the inflation curve and ensure that they still receive a pay increase every year that they live out in retirement!

The average high quality dividend growth stock increases their dividend payout annually by an average of 5%. It is very reassuring to have ABBV in my portfolio due to the fact that they managed to increase that payout by over double the average dividend stock payout amount.

I look forward towards the rest of the stocks I own in my portfolio to follow after the lead of ABBV and choose to increase their annual dividend payout amount. I will be keeping a very close eye on the happenings of my holdings and keep my website up to date. 

I'm well on my way to achieving the goals I have set for the Independence Fund this year and I'm very excited for the growth of my Fund! I have definitely breached the $1,000 Annual dividend payout mark and I'm off to the races to the races to hit the payout mark that will act as an extra paycheck that I will be receiving this year! 

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at