January 2017 Independence Fund Update

It has been an amazing first month of the year with some amazing growth already. The whole point of this website is to keep track of all my moves in relation to the Independence Fund. I really enjoy keeping track of the happenings on my account as it keeps me focused, on target and motivated. It is very awesome to look back every month and see how my account has grown. I understand that the while goal of my account is to grow my annual dividend income but it is also awesome to watch my total balance increase also. 

I was able to grow my account by a decent amount last month despite all the pays I had to pay off. I'm super impressed with the high level of savings I have been able to maintain. I swung an increase to the tune of $1,735 or 7.57%. I will have to increase my average monthly savings amount by $452 per month to reach my total portfolio goal of $50,000. With tax refund season approaching I will definitely be able to boost my account balance by a large amount coming soon.

January wasn't a stellar month in terms of dividend Income but, I did receive a payout from two companies amounting to $38.30. I do have some good payouts coming soon so I'm very excited for the rest of the year. My annual dividend payout is sitting at $994. I'm so close to hitting $1,188 which will be like adding an extra paycheck per year towards my account! This day will be coming so soon and it will be another big step towards financial freedom. 

I have my eyes on a lot of stocks this month and I have fresh capital sitting on the side just waiting to be put to work for me. I'm really in no rush as only a few of the stocks I'm watching have ex dividend dates coming up in the next few weeks. I'm really just waiting for the right time and waiting for some great opportunities to arise. I'm really loving the current levels of QCOM right now but I'm sitting on the sidelines until a positive reversal trend appears. I'm not really sure where the bottom is on this one right now and I won't be getting in until then. The lower it goes, the better dividend yield percentage I will be able to get.

I was also really liking ORI but currently the stock is at it's 52 week high and I'm not to sure how long this high will last. I'm also considering adding to my current position of DUK but I really wanted to get another company within my portfolio

Overall, I'm super satisfied with the direction of my portfolio currently and I look forward to adding even more capital to it this year. It is so exciting to look back at last months balance and see such a high level of growth. It is very encouraging to me and I know that I will be able to achieve my goal with time and diligence.

One of the biggest things myself and many Americans struggle with is, wanting something right away. This is no exception to my dividend account either. I almost want to wish my life away so I can get to my goals quicker. Nonetheless, I will sit back and enjoy the ride while lavishing in my progress. 

Has anyone else made any great purchases In January or received some great dividend income? Who else can taste financial freedom and is itching for it right now?