Building Up My Positions


It has been quite the turbulent start to the month. My portfolio has been on a roller coaster ever since the beginning of October and it doesn't appear as if an end is in sight. I have been weathering the storm pretty well and I'm going to definitely be taking advantage of the sales that the market is currently offering. 

I have really been analyzing my portfolio and racking my brain around my next purchase and it's draining my mental energy. I really want to continue to diversify my portfolio but it's hard for me to want to purchase a company for diversification sake at a 52 week high when I can add more to a current portfolio position at it's 52 week low.

I don't want to over load my portfolio in a specific sector but, I'm going to be taking advantage of the opportunities the market has opened up for me. I really have my eyes on adding more to MAIN, OHI and SKT. I also would really like to open a position in WPC and ALLY. I also really want to open a position in ED, EMR and PG. However, as I stated earlier it's hard for me to want to open a position on these companies near their 52 week highs.

With all this being said, I have taken advantage of adding more to a couple current positions with upcoming dividends payments. I really like this companies already and I feel that they are in a good position to add to.

The first company of the two companies I added to was Target. I Made a purchase of 7 shares which affected my annual dividend income by $17.36.

MO purchase of 6 shares affected my annual increase of $15.85.

SKT purchase of 43 shares, annual increase of $57.54

QCOM sale of 35.915 shares. decrease of annual income by $81.88

As you can tell, I have made a few moves in my portfolio such as adding to my current positions and also selling QCOM due to the recent news. Now, the only reason I sold QCOM is because of the recent price run up from the unsolicited offer from AVGO. They offered the company $60 per share with a $10 share of AVGO offer. This to me is extremely undervalued and so did QCOM. This caused the price to run up however and I sold to lock in the gains that I had made. I personally feel that this thing will fall back down in no time once news of APPL hits along with antitrust and the NXP bid fail come through. I'am long QCOM but I know I can obtain a lower entry point in a short amount of time.

My annual expected dividend income has been affected for the short term due to the sale of my QCOM holdings and has affected me by lowering my estimate from $1996.31 to $1,971.97. I still have $1,200 in capital to deploy along with my RSU company stocks grants valued at $1,100 that I will be using to add a new position to my portfolio. This will give me roughly $2,300 to play around with as well as the $1,000 addition of my own capital I will be adding to the fund next week. I have a lot of free capital and I plan on picking up two new positions in the month as long as the opportunities are still there and I can make up my mind on which companies I want to purchase into.

I'm really excited to take advantage of more opportunities within the market and I'll be sure to be documenting them down on my website.

Happy trading!