New Buy, More Additions and New Trading Style

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First off let me apologize for taking forever to get this article out. I have been putting it off for the past week due to the extra work load and chores around the home. I finally have had the time to write this article and put out a mini update on how my new investment style is performing and also my new purchase and additions.

I transferred some extra moolah into my Robinhood account last week and finally added ED to my portfolio! I got in the nick of time to make the ex dividend. I've been eyeing this company for awhile and I finally jumped in. Due to using RH and not having to pay commission of any short I have been making smaller increment trades and diversifying more easily then I had before. In addition to my new position I also Increased my share volume in two of my current holdings being OHI and LEG

OHI 15 shares added $39 to annual dividend income.

LEG 10 Shares added $14.40 to annual dividend income.

ED 5 shares added $13.80 to annual dividend income.

All these new additions added up to a whopping $67.20 mostly due to my small addition in OHI. My OHI position has really grown over the year due to DRIP and me adding on dips. I definitely am topped off right now and will only be adding when I receive dividends. 

These new additions also pushed my dividend income even higher too $2,122.22.

I'm really enjoying this new style of investing also as it allows me to open up smaller positions and add to current positions of weakness with less risk. I almost feel as if I'm slowly constructing my own Dividend ETF without any fees. As Stated in my RH review article, I will not be making new purchases in my Fidelity account put simply keeping it intact for DRIPs, overall comfort and the research tools Fidelity provides. I would like to say that I have come to the conclusion that I will now only use it to purchase company's that pay a monthly dividend.

I really wanted to add to my MAIN position soon but thought to myself that the whole point about monthly dividend payers is to accumulate at a quicker pace. For this reason only I will be using Fidelity to add to my MAIN position and to open a new position in O. I would like to keep these monthly dividend payers within my fidelity account where they will be subject to DRIP benefits.

With all that being said. I will have some extra money to play around with come end of month and I'm looking to further add to my positions of weakness and possibly add another company to my portfolio. With my latest buys I also now have a portfolio containing  24 companies. Due to my most recent style change and using RH I really blew past my goal of 20 companies in my portfolio and I would like to continue increasing this number, Obviously I only want to add good quality companies to my portfolio and I won't be adding companies just to increase my holding number. 

I'm really looking forward to my next buying spree and I can't wait to put more capital to work for me. I'll be posting another article soon about my next purchases as soon as I make them.

Thanks for stopping by and happy trading.