Breaking All My Independence Fund Goals!!!


First off let me start by saying, what a wild ride this year has been. The market has definitely had it's fair share if swings but for the most part has been pretty positive. I would have to say that going into the end of my second year of starting my Independence Fund that this year was far smoother then the first year when we were dealing with the whole oil crisis. 

I started off the year with some very aggressive goals. I set a short of stretch goal for my total portfolio value and I have spent numerous hours calculating and plotting out how exactly I would get this this crazy number. I actually just reviewed my goal setting article where I laid out my plans for the year and let me tell you, I sure do love documenting all the moves I make on this website because it is so encouraging to look back at older posts and see the progress I have made in such a short amount of time. Sometimes I have to blink and double check my numbers in pure astonishment because they are to hard for me to believe (which is a good thing).

A quick recap of what my goals were. First off to have a portfolio containing 24 companies, surpass an annual expected dividend income of $1,800 and last but not least, break the $50,000 total portfolio value mark. I'm happy to report that I have now surpassed all these goals I set out to conquer and I guess I should have set tougher goals for myself. That goal that was the biggest surprise to me however was breaking the $50,000 mark. This represented a total account increase of $28,000 in a single year which I thought was going to be impossible. I constantly assessed my finances to this goal and actually two months ago I was telling myself it was impossible to break this goal. The math didn't add up but in the end here we are! I may even surpass this goal by a few grand due to extra capital I'll be able to shuttle into the fund next month and also with all the dividend income I'm expecting to roll in during December. 

I'm really glad I chose to start this account and website to really push myself to grow my financial health. It is honestly one of the best feelings to know that I have saved $50,000 and I'm only just getting started. At times like this I really like to do some self reflection and step back and look at the bigger picture. At this point in my life I feel very financially stable and I'm very proud of the income my portfolio is working hard to generate for me every day. With the amount of dividend income I earn annually I could pay for most of my utilities or I could always remove money and pay off most of my mortgage ( Which I won't be doing ).

It's just nice to know these options exist now and I'm doing better then most Americans my age.I also want to thank everyone who has been following me along this journey and I can't wait to continue to break barriers and crush financial goals so I can inspire everyone to improve their financial situations and the power of dividend investing.

Here is to breaking new goals and going into 2018 strong. CHEERS!