November 2017 Independence Fund Update

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HOLY SMOKES! It has been one heck of a month! I definitely didn't expect the month to go as well as it did. The market has experienced a very big pop in terms of growth last month and I'm not going to complain with my account blowing past my annual goal a whole month early when last month I wasn't expecting to break it at all. 

I set up this website to track the moves I make in the market and for progress and goal tracking. It really helps me keep on track and focused when I can look back at previous months for inspiration. I'm typically blown away at the results I'm able to achieve in just a single month and I'm not going to complain about how good the market has been to me lately. Investment income is not what I'm setting out to do but I'm never going to be angry about having a larger portfolio value whatsoever. 

The reason I call this fund the independence fund is because this fund is set up to provide me with financial independence down the road and so far it's shaping up to deliver me all the goals I'm asking from it. I know as the fund grows and I have more time in the market my fund will start to snowball more and more which will just help me reach my goals even sooner. I still have a solid 9.5 years to go and I have more faith in my plan playing out then ever before.  

Lets get into the goods of what happened last month. Last month was a solid month for dividend income coming in at $211.73. With last month in the books my annual dividends received is now at $1,292.99. The year is really shaping up to be a stellar one and I can't wait to see what could happen by years end. The massive dividend number was driven by some good sized holdings in my portfolio and driven by 5 names. T, SKT, ABBV, MAIN and OHI. Most of these companies have very nice yields which helped propel me over the $200 mark. This is a very great number to fall into on a month to month basis and I couldn't be more proud of it.

Lets move into another aspect of the fund that has really helped me squeeze every penny I can into the fund. Last month was particularly expensive for me yet again due to the fact that I had to pay my Home insurance. The only reason this really hurt me is because I was bad and dipped into my escrow to purchase a stock a few months ago. I really need to get into a better discipline of not touching this money but it's hard for me not to when I see a great opportunity present itself. I always tell myself I'll put the money back but I never do! Whoops! 

November Expenses = $2,909

Now on to one of the most exciting things I have seen this year. I BROKE MY PORTFOLIO VALUE GOAL! This is absolutely insane to me! Just last month I was calculating everything and I was thinking that there was no way in hell I was going to be breaking my goal. The funny thing is that the goal I set for myself was a stretch goal! I grew my portfolio by 12.4% or $5,716!!!! This is one massive number for me since I typically only grow my portfolio by $2,000 per month. So what caused my crazy growth this month? I got a larger then expected work bonus, I had some amazing investment growth and a decent dividend income. I'm not expecting to come any where near to this on a month to month basis but it sure does feel good. 

After this steller month my portfolio has maintained an average growth amount of $2,631 which is not to shabby for my current income in life. I'm really excited to see where my portfolio will end up at the end of the year at this point. If this keeps up, I could see the $55,000 range in sight!