December 2017 Independence Fund Update


First off, Let me be the 500th person to wish you happy new years! It has been quite and an amazing year and I can't wait to keep this snowball rolling into this year also! I like to think of a new year as a time of reflection and goal setting. I feel that I do a good job already of self checking and adjusting myself along the way but I really like looking back at the total picture and being aware of key differences that have been made.

I have managed to conquer some pretty awesome goals and I've achieved some great results over just a year ago financially and personally. I have successfully broken all of my Independence Fund goals! I set some pretty hefty goals at the beginning of the year so It feels good to break all of them! First off was breaking the $50,000 mark. I managed to do this with flying colors and growing my Independence Fund by a whopping $31,815! This is a serious amount of cash and most of this was added by my own saving habits. 

Second was my goal of breaking $1,800 in annual dividend income. I knocked this one out of the park also and ended the year at an annual income rate of $2,246.44! This is a surplus of $446 beyond my goal. A lot of this was driven by some higher investment yields such as OHI, WHF and my influx of extra cash. 

and last but not least I wanted to own a total of 20 companies by year end and I ended up a little over that goal with a total portfolio holdings of 24. This helps to create more diversification, Increase the frequency of dividends my account brings in and also creates a pseudo ETF.

With all this being said and done another really big accomplishment is the breaking of the $200,000 net worth mark! I surpassed this by an Extra $9,000 this year and I couldn't be happier.

With all these great goals being smashed, I'm looking into next year with even bigger goals. I will be writing my new goal setting article this week and I'm going to really challenge myself and put some big goals down so I can shoot for the stars!

Moving into last months progress, I had one of my biggest holdings increase their annual dividend payout. T dividend increase affected my portfolio by adding an additional $7.47 annually. This only represented a 2% increase but they already pay such a substantial percentage that as long as it continues to grow I'm fine collecting the massive percentage along the way. 

I received dividend payouts from a total of 12 companies amounting to $176.71 I managed to collect a grand total of 24 companies. My overall combined yearly dividend income came in at a whopping $1,467.66 which is $1,090.22 over last year! Man, I'm just loving these yearly statistics. 

Moving into my next category of expense. I haven't been doing so hot in this category over the past few months and I need to work on raining it in. I have had some rather large expense such as new wheels and tires for my car and I also splurged a bit and bought myself a cat back exhaust system as a reward for doing so well with my annual savings. I need to allow myself to enjoy a bit of my money and I have had my eyes on it for a little while now so I pulled the trigger and I'm loving it every time I go for a drive.

Over the next few months I will be getting my expenses on track again and I'm aiming for that sweet spit of $2,000 per month. I'm not feeling to confident about hitting it next month either due to Christmas expenses but I'm hoping to post some good numbers come February. My expenses are the highest I have ever seen it in a single month but again, this is mostly due to the $1,100 wheel and tire expense. Without that I would have come in at about average with my typical spending.

December Expenses = 3,692

I'm really excited about last month in terms of account growth also. I wasn't able to save as much as I typically do but I was still able to achieve a remarkable number! A lot of this was fueled by investment income such as T regaining most of my cost basis back. This is one of my largest holdings so that growth really impacts me. Without further ado, I grew my account by $2,872 or 5.55%!! This was a way bigger increase then what I was expecting to receive this month and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! If you take a look at my graph down below, you can see a very nice steady rise in my account growth. Almost as if a stair way to financial freedom.

I'm really excited and looking forward to what 2018 has in store for the fund and a few other dablings I'm doing with crytpo currencies. Mostly I can't wait to share all the exciting things that have been happening with the portfolio and posting about the amazing benefits of investing in dividends. I know I wouldn't change a thing about this journey and I can't wait to tackle the new year head on.

I'll be posting my goal article within the week and I may not have the most amount of time over the next few weeks after however due to a trip I'm taking to Thailand. It's going to be a thrilling experience and I'm very pumped for the adventure. 

Happy trading and thanks for stopping by.