Latest Independence Fund Additions


I've been chugging along these past couple of days just enjoying the gains in the market. I know this level of growth isn't going to last long and it feels good to watch my value increase however, it has put a damper on making new purchases as of late. Buying in at a higher price decreases my dividend yield on new buy ins. I'm constantly searching the market and trying to find great value plays that have good dividend metrics. 

With all that being said, I feel that I have made some more great additions and I couldn't be happier to bolster my positions in these companies. I feel that their is great value and also sustainability in PG and EMR. These are stocks I've had my eyes on for awhile and I have missed numerous dips that I should have jumped in on. I have finally taken the plunge and added at what I feel is a good time.

PG has had a nice pull back from it's most recent highs which represents a good spot to buy in at. I was able to add 4 shares of PG which added $11.04 annually to my dividend income. It isn't a huge position but I'm slowly adding to it with every bit of capital I have and one day it will become a powerhouse in my portfolio.

This dividend king is a force to be reckoned with. I added to my portfolio is EMR. This is another staple dividend generating company that almost every dividend investor should have. Super stable share price with moderate volatility and a relatively high yield of 3%. I'm not going to complain about this yield and it's 60 year track record of growing it's dividend. With this yield and awesome ratio of 66%, I added another 3 shares of EMR which added $5.82 annually.

and last but not least, NRZ. 10 shares of NRZ added an extra $20 towards my annual dividend income. This is an experimental dividend investment much like WHF is. I have a very low amount of funds invested into each position and I'm playing it by ear. So far both companies have managed to perform very well for me and I'm looking at upping my position in both slowly as I go along. These won't be staple holdings in my portfolio but they will help boost my annual dividend income percentage and allow me to take a bit more of a risk because I can afford to at my age. I'm really looking forward to NRZ announcing their next dividend increase also. It's going to blow this stock even higher once management delivers. 

I was able to grow my annual dividend income by $36.86 with this round of investments. That's a pretty hefty number with only investing $800 worth of capital. I'm going to continue this style of investing as It really allows me to diversify my portfolio and add to positions of weakness in small increments which allow me to take advantage of more opportunities in the market. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my most recent additions and I can't wait to get started on my next round! I don't anticipate this being till closer towards the end of the month due to capital allocations but I think I should be able to shuffle another grand in by months end.