Breaking A Big Milestone!!!

Today is an amazing day, I have finally broken into the comma territory for my annual expected dividend Income!!!!! I made an addition to a current position which put me over one of my milestones. On 2/3/2017 I purchased 13 shares of DUK at $77.90 per share. This added $44.47 in expected annual dividend income to my Fund which has put me at $1,038.47!!!!!!!!!

This is a very big step for myself and many dividend investors. It really puts into perspective for me the passive income that my money has started to generate for me. I feel that once an investor hits the $1,000 mark that it really starts to steam roll from here. I obviously have more milestones that I can't wait to break but this is definitely a big one for myself.

The next big one will obviously be $10,000 in expected dividend income which is still a long ways away. I will definitely be celebrating soon once I hit my $50,000 Balance mark and my $100,000 Balance marks very soon! I will however remain patient but I have no problem hitting these goals sooner. 

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