Happy Belated First Birthday!

I'm a little late with this one. Actually, a lot of late. I started this website at the same time I first started investing in dividends which was In February. I really wanted a way that I could track my progress and prove to the world that it is possible to have big dreams and achieve them. I have grown up my whole life around people who give excuses for things in their life that they have complete control over. Building this website is a way for me to put myself and my story out there. It is a motivational tool that serves me by allowing myself to find the time to commit to tracking my finances. This website has been so much more ever since I have really started putting the time and effort into it. I have had the chance to connect with so many amazing bloggers and fellow dividend investing peers. I have truly grown in my financial self, and personal self just by starting this website and opening up my life to others. I really enjoy the blogging community as well, the feed back I receive is always constructive and encouraging and it pushes me to become a better investor and blogger. I have also grown with my own personal goals. I have already managed to increase my wealth by more then I ever thought I would have been able to just by staying consistent and using my monthly updates as a means of self reflection. I hold my self accountable for my own personal finances and my own growth. Most of the money in my account is money that I have funded the account with. It may seem easy when I write these articles and I get excited about new purchases but it is difficult some times. I want to go out and buy things, over indulge and spoil myself. I always ask myself if I'm saving enough or if I'm treating myself enough. It is a fine balance between saving and self enjoyment. On one end I want to save as much as I can but on the other end I still want to enjoy my time and money. I feel that I'm currently on a great track and Once I hit my Yearly goal I will lighten it up a bit a purchase a few things I have wanted for awhile. This won't happen until I hit my yearly goals however.  

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me since the beginning, and heres to those who have just found my website and have been reading through my articles. I hope I can inspire some and prove to them that anything is possible with motivation and self determination. I will be retired by 35 and I will be financially independent. I will own my own time and do what I want with my days from there on out. I'm declaring all these things right now and owning my future!