Addition To My Position

I was finally able to get my first purchase down into the books this month. It took me a lot longer then I would have liked but non the less I was still able to make a purchase.

The Vacation I took this month has really cost me a lot more then I had anticipated. It was very relaxing and well worth it. I will say that I did rather well with my fiances for someone going on vacation. We bought a lot of groceries from Whole foods and Traders Joe's which allowed us to cut our food costs way down. Being on vacation however still brought a lot of unanticipated expenses which really cut into my investment budget. 

There were many hidden costs associated with this vacation that really frustrated me however. The first and biggest one was the extra money that the Car rental had cost us even though we booked the vacation as a package deal. This ended up costing me an extra $121. The other major set back was the price to park the car at the hotel. They charged us a rate of $29.95 per night which ended up costing and additional $209.45. This really hurt as I lost $330 that I could have put into the independence Fund.

I'm also a little annoyed with myself that I haven't had a whole let of extra time this month to devote to my website. I fell into this same cycle last year during the busy season at my work. I ended up having to cover another managers shift this week so it really pushed me back on writing an article. 

I made another great addition to my portfolio. It wasn't as much money as I typically like to purchase in with. I would rather put this capital to work for me however since I was able to buy into the company right on time to get the ex dividend. So it really makes up for it in my opinion since the dividend will cover my trading fee essentially. 

The company I added to was JNJ. This is an amazing dividend aristocrat company which I would like to continue to raise my portfolio percentage in. I only purchased 5 shares of JNJ but this increased my forward dividend income by $16.80. With this new increase my Independence Fund has hit a brand new mini milestone! I now earn one full extra paycheck per year thanks to dividends! This little addition bumped my account up to $1,232.85 annually. I'm slowly but surely seeing some nice increases and i'm looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for me! I'm really going to strive to hit $2,000 in dividend income by the end of the year. However, I don't want this goal to let me make poor purchase choices. 

I'm really putting a lot of effort into boosting my savings rate as much as I can. I'm going to be hit by some higher credit cards statements this month due to the vacation. I haven't been purchasing anything extra however and I have only been paying for my bills and groceries. I'm also in the final process of the lemon law buyout on my Subaru. Once this is complete I will be receiving all my equity back from the repurchase and I will be putting it towards a new vehicle. I would love to transfer all of this money into my Independence Fund but that would just be silly. I'm currently looking at used vehicles and I will definitely be able to have little to no car payment going forward. 

I really hope everyone is doing well with growing their dividend income and taking advantage of all the sales in the current market.