May 2017 Independence Fund

Its my favorite time of the month! I'm able to write about the success that I had in the market and reflect on how my month went in terms of investments. All in all I had an amazing month and I'm very excited about putting this one down in the records. I had some amazing growth in terms of investment gains and I was able to stash away a great amount of money into my account. I made 2 new additions to my portfolio along with an increase to my JNJ position. 

My two newest additions to my portfolio were OHI and LEG. I have had my eyes on LEG for awhile now and its always a good thing to usher in another dividend aristocrat into my holdings. I have really been increasing my aristocrat exposure and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I have my eyes set upon even more dividend aristocrats that I will adding to my portfolio in the near future. With my 3 purchases this month I have pumped up my annual dividend income by a staggering $122.28. Most of this was due to the small position I took up in OHI. My new annual dividend income amount is now at a beautiful $1,345.33 per year. This snow ball has really started to pick up steam and every dividend reinvested brings me one step closer to freedom. 

I had some amazing things happen in terms of my expenses also last month also that will positively affect my monthly savings and expenses. I had an increase in my cable and internet bill last month that caused me to do some shopping around. With my new cable and internet company, my bill has been reduced by $73 per month also with the purchase of a used 2009 Vehicle I will be saving $15 on my monthly auto insurance, My auto loan term was also reduced to 36 months from 60 and was also cut from $310 per month to $152. With all these awesome monthly expense savings I will save an additional $246 per month that I should be able to throw right into the account. 

Expenses For May = $2,941

I have also had an amazing increase in my fund last month. I experienced an increase of $2,763 or 8.74% This is well above my monthly average needed increase of $2,187 per month. With this new number, my average monthly savings rate is now up to $1,967. I had a slight mishap with calculating my average return last month and this new number accurately represents my current growth rate. Even though I'm short of my goal, I'm still very impressed with my high monthly growth rate. 

I'm already off to a great start in the beginning of June and I'm keeping this ball rolling. I'm pumping every extra dollar I have into my fund currently while still living a decent lifestyle. I have everything anyone could ever ask and I've really come to enjoy my new current financial situation. Just the awareness and realization of how much money I currently have saved gives me a sense of calmness. I often think about the people around me and ponder at their financial situation. I know the statistics for the citizens financial health in this country and it really puts me at ease. I have come a far way in such a short amount of time and I only grow more excited everyday. 

I really hope I can continue to educate and inspire my readers. Whenever I have someone that comes to me with a financial question, it really brings a smile to my face. I have such a passion for helping others and I always get a renewed sense of inspiration every time I'm able to blab about the super power of dividends. Seriously though, It gets me really pumped up.