June 2017 Independence Fund Update

Man am I excited to write this article I'm really loving the progress I have continued to achieve with my Independence Fund and it never ceases to amaze me at the growth I'm managing to achieve month to month, I really enjoy getting to sit down and document all the happenings of my fund and keeping them for future reference and history. 

It's really crazy to think that I started this account just 17 months ago and I'm already hitting all these big milestones. I cant even begin to imagine what it's going to be like once this account breaks into the 10 year territory.

I have hit a brand new milestone for my Independence Fund as well and it personally being a big one. I received dividend payouts from 10 companies last month which allowed me to break the $200 in dividend income or more specifically $224.51 in a single month! Only 7 months ago I broke the $100 milestone and now I'm knocking down the next. This snowball is really starting to roll and I expect I will be breaking the $300 mark even sooner then I broke the last two. 

In addition to smashing the $200 dividend income barrier, Kroger announced a dividend increase of 4.17% which was a nice surprise seeing as I just added them into my portfolio last month. With ll my latest DRIP additions and company buys my annual dividend income is now at $1,431.36. This number has been on a very nice increase pattern also considering I just broke the dividend income equaling a single paycheck mark. Their may be some minor fluctuations with this number over the next few months for the worse however since I'm considering the sale of my F stock soon. However, Being at a 5.4% yield Ill have a hard time replacing that exactly. 

Expenses were less then last month which is always a good thing. I won't start to see the affects to my expenses detailed in my Expense Detail article till next month however but I'm expecting very good things!

Monthly Expense = $2,777

Now on to the account growth section! I'm very proud of this number this month seeing as I'm starting to climb up into the more serious number range. I still managed to achieve an impressive 9.83% account balance growth over last month! This was an astounding increase of $3,375! Part of this was driven by the Dividend income I received but also I made some sizable cash infusions along with some great position growth. My new average monthly Independence Fund growth rate is now at $2,491 which is above my average needed growth of $2,187 needed to hit my goal by the end of the year. With so many months left till 2018 I feel that I will rocketing past this goal which I personally felt was a stretch goal when I created it. 

Heading into July I'm really hoping to cut my expenses even further but they may end up being a bit higher then anticipated due to the water bill arriving soon which is typically always higher and my licence plate tab renewal. With both those combined I perceive to take on another $400 in expenses that'll Ill have to unfortunately fork over. Thankfully I've been working really hard to lower my monthly expenses so that I could accommodate extra bills such as this. 

I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made this month and I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and I can't wait to document even more progress reports. I'm not sure how much extra capital I'll have to invest over the month of July but I always seem to surprise myself at the end of every month.