July 2017 Independence Fund Update

It's been another amazing month and I'm very excited to put this one down in the books. Every month I get the pleasure to blog about and record my account happenings. This month has been no different in terms of success and my portfolio has hit new highs that I wouldn't have even dreamed possible a few years ago.

I've nicknamed my portfolio Independence Fund to remind myself that this fund will someday fuel my Independence from needing to wake up and go to work everyday. I don't view the money in this fund as anything else but my freedom. Time is short and that is exactly what I'm trying to buy with this Fund. Most people want money so they can buy and acquire more things but honestly, I Just want my own time. I don't want to be a slave to the system anymore, I don't want to have someone tell me what time I need to be where and how to do what. Every time I receive a dividend my time clock to freedom ticks closer and closer. I'm headed in the right direction and with every purchase I make I also am Increasing my annual income which will further accelerate my fund growth.

I have some amazing things to share on this update and I couldn't be more proud with what I was able to accomplish in such an off month. In terms of dividends received, I only got payouts from two companies, LEG and KMB. This amounted to a total amount of $22.42. Not the best month but I'm not to worried about the month to month basis as I have a very solid trend of receiving a low month due to how my companies payout dividends. 

I did make some great new additions to my portfolio and I was able to diversify my holdings even more. I sold off some F shares and redistributed them into one of my personal favorite holdings T. AT&T is now my largest holding in my portfolio at 14.8%. I'm topped off on adding more to this position unless the market decides to open up some great new entry points like it did last month. I also finally pulled the trigger on TGT and I added a bit more to my OHI position just in time for the Dividend payout.  With all these new additions and redistribution my portfolio is now working even harder for me generating a grand total of $1,538 per year. My dividend snowball has begun rolling and Every month I grow more and more. 

I'm also super happy to report that my monthly expense have reached a new low for me. I haven't seen my monthly expenses close to the $2,000 range in a very long time and It's nice to finally see all my hard work payoff. I wrote an article two months ago about how I was taking steps to reduce my monthly expense. This is the single most effective thing one can do in order to increase their monthly savings rate. Yes, I would like to earn more money per year but this is the most practical thing I can control right now. 

Expenses = $2,095

last month was another great month and my account grew by 5.97% or $2,252. I beat my monthly account growth goal despite not receiving much dividend income at all. With this month down in the books my account is now sporting an average monthly growth rate of $2,456. This is nothing to sneeze at by far. When I think back to how I used to only be able to grow my account by $1,000 at best, It really helps build my enthusiasm and excitement. Looking back on my Graph last year, my fund only grew about $1,100. In just one years time I've now doubled my growth amount over last year. We're talking a 100% increase! 

Let's just say I'm very astonished at what can be done with a bit of hard work, Diligence and Discipline.

I'm ready to move on into the next few months and continue to post even greater growth numbers. I'm expecting the month of August to be a bit harder for me to invest some capital into my fund however since I have a lot of random expenses that are due. I have my summer home taxes due which were higher then anticipated and I over drew from my Ally bank account which serves as my escrow. Shame on me. I will be buckeling down however and Investing every extra dollar I can in order to keep my monthly average up and hit my stretch goal for this year. I'm getting closer and closer every month and I can begin to taste sweet victory.