Topping off My Retail Holdings.


It's been a roller coaster of a week in the stock market and it's really allowed me to take advantage of some sales in the market this week. Retail especially has had it's ups and downs and I decided to take advantage of them.

A lot of investors have been steering away from the retail sector but I'm doubling down while the prices are ripe. Companies have been posting some awesome numbers and the prices in the market have stayed rather stagnant still. Investors have been selling the good news and I'm buying into it. Wal-Mart posted an awesome Quarter, Target posted and Awesome quarter and even Kohl's had some great numbers. 

I was able to put more capital into my Independence Fund and I purchased even more shares of Target and Omega Health Care. This will be my first time adding to these two positions and they are still relatively small holdings of mine with TGT only at $1,561 and OHI at $2,032. I did split up my $1,000 investment in blocks of $500 and I split it between these two companies. I had a feeling that OHI was going to run higher and TGT was also in a good spot to grow. I'm feeling very good about this addition and It also helped boost my annual dividend income by $62 per year. 

With this latest addition I'm now looking at an expected annual dividend income of $1,646.08. I'm just $153.92 away from my yearly goal of $1,800. I'm expecting to shatter this one very soon. Although I'm not trying to focus on high yielding companies, their have been a lot of good opportunities in the market and it would be silly to not take advantage of them.

I'm not expecting to make any more purchases this month but we will wait and see when I get all my extra capital and if anymore great opportunities arise. I'am expecting to have a decent amount of money to play with next month and I'm really looking forward to my next investments. This is a short but sweet update but I wanted to make sure I captured my account happenings as that is the whole purpose of this blog.

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