August Account Happenings

Were off to a great start in August so far. The first day of August rewarded me with a very hefty dividend payment by my personal favorite dividend aristocrat AT&T. This payment and reinvestment also helped boost my annual expected dividend payout by $3. Another share and a half added to my holdings and one step closer to freedom. I also just upped my position again in T last month so my next payment from T will be even bigger. I wish I would have gotten in before the Ex-dividend date but I didn't have the capital yet. After this latest addition I will be expecting a payment of $75.46 next quarter which will just keep rolling into itself and getting  bigger and bigger. Too good to be true right?

I'm expecting two more dividend payments this month also. Both of which fall of the 15th I'll be receiving one from Omega Health care and one from AbbVie. Both of these payments are going to be sizable and I'm excited about my positions growing even further. I will be looking at adding a bit of capital to my account this month but I won't be able to add as much as I would have liked to due to my own irresponsibility. Last year I made the switch to dissolve my Escrow and take control of it myself. I have really enjoyed this as I'm able to make interest off my own money and I have complete control of it. I have been using Ally bank to hold all my escrow funds but I have overdrawn from it a few times in order to take advantage of some good old market swings.

I really should have out the money back as soon as I got it but I kept adding to my Independence Fund instead. So where does this leave me and my escrow fund at? Well, I'm short $1,600 for my upcoming tax bill due September 1st. I have the extra money to pay this off so I'm not worried at all. The only thing I'm bummed about is that I'm only going to have roughly $800 to Invest this month. I'm worried I won't be anywhere near my monthly account growth goal in order to hit my year end target of $50,000. I do have a three paycheck month coming up in September however and I'm expecting my companies RSU's to vest in two months also which will act as a nice buffer. 

I typically don't like making purchases under $1,000. Especially when I'm getting a new position started. I'm leaning towards boosting one of my smaller account positions and taking advantage of some downtrends in the market. A few of my current biggest losers are LEG, OHI,ORI and XOM. I'm currently torn between which of these companies I'll choose to put my capital to work for me.