Another One...


This article is going to be a short but sweet one. It has been a very unusual month for me in terms of trading volume. After today's purchase I have now made eight transactions in a single month with two sales and six purchases. I like to keep it low key typically with maybe 2-3 transactions per month but because of my two sales I had extra capital I wanted to put to work for me. 

There have been a lot of amazing opportunities in the market lately and It's been hard for me to decide which ones to put my money into. I personally feel that I have done a very good job in diversifying my current portfolio and I'm looking forward to further increasing the strength of my current positions as well as adding new ones. I did finally increase the capital I have in a current position that is an aristocrat with a yield of 3.89% I've had ORI in my portfolio for sometime now but I had yet to add to it. 

I added 46 shares at $19.46 which added to my annual expected dividend income by $34.96. With this latest addition my annual dividend income is now at $1,847.30. This number has risen a little quicker then anticipated due to a riskier investment I made in WHF. It's a very small position although and currently it's working out very well. 

I'm bummed I missed the recent sell off a few days ago but I didn't really have plans to add additional capital into the position until I was thinking about my next moves over the weekend. I was really eyeing a consumer staple such as GIS, SJM ad ADM but ultimately I really wanted to balance out the position to a higher degree within my portfolio, I liked the low volatility within the company as well as the current valuation of the stock. The companies listed above are amazing companies also don't get me wrong but I wasn't looking at hitting the 20 company mark just yet. 

These companies will continue to remain on my buy list with a very high potential of owning them within the near future. I have a lot of time left in the year and I've been trying to plot out my next moves which may put me in the position of picking up one of these companies very soon. 

I have an ever expanding list of companies I will be adding to my portfolio and it's only a matter of time before I rope them in. My preferred next buys are EMR, ED, PG, ADM, SJM, and GPC. That's a total of six companies that will eventually make their way into my portfolio. Once I get more capital for purchasing I will be at the same decision whether to open a new position or add to a current holding. 

This was just a mini update since I have had so many articles this month but I really wanted to document this purchase. What does everyone think of my addition? Should I have just gone ahead and purchased a new company or do you agree with increasing my poisition in ORI?