September 2017 Independence Fund Update


Yet another month has passed and I'm always looking forward to my monthly account recap. For any new readers that may have found themselves on my website, this is a time where I like to reflect on the progress my Independence Fund has had over the past month. Documenting this journey is very important to me because it gives me inspiration and motivation to continue this adventure. Their is no better feeling them when I look back on a few months fund updates and realize how much it has grown in such a short time. This website was created for this sole purpose. It will serve as proof that everyone that puts a little hard work and their minds to it can find financial Independence.

Dividends continue to amaze me to this day and every time I share how amazing they are people are blown away with a "that's to good to be true" or "What's the catch?" I wish I would have found about the amazing power of dividends sooner so I hope I can reach people with this site. I still like to look back at my first articles and find inspiration.

Last month has been a great one all around. I had a lot of account activity and I re-diversified a few of my holdings and sold off positions that no longer fit my investment needs such as KR and F. I have talked about these positions in the past and I was waiting for the right time to sell F. I had hoped KR was going to see a better bounce back but after failure to launch even after amazing earning results I decided to liquidate my position. I made a total of 8 transactions last month. 2 sales and 6 buys. I don't sell too often and typically only see 4-6 sales over the period of a year. 

Getting right down to it, I had the best month ever since I have begun tracking my month to month expenses. My expenses for last month came in at $1,809! This is a great spot to be at personally and I want to continue to have similar numbers month to month. I have had a goal to keep it around $2,000 and it feels good to finally see it pan out. I wrote an article about what I have been doing differently to real this monster back on track to further fuel my investment fire. 

I also had the best month ever in terms of dividend received. I had a total of 12 companies pay me last month totaling $250.19. This is the highest amount I have made since Fund inception and it's only going to get bigger from here! This is exactly what is so amazing to me. Just by being a share holder, I'm making money off the profits of other companies. I made $250 in free income while doing the things I love and not being at work. Sounds to good to be true right? The more progress I make with this fund the more I can picture my dream coming true. I've watched these dividends grow from a meager $20 a month to now a monthly average of $154.


September Expenses = $1,809

Taking a look at the growth graph down below everyone can see that I'm back on track with my monthly growth goal average. It feels good to see such amazing progress this month. I had an increase of $3,226 or 7.83% which is a great place to be. I can taste the sweet victory with 3 months left to collect more dividends, invest more capital and obtain more investment growth. With only $5,552 left towards my goal of $50,000 I can see victory insight easily now! With the Impressive gain I've had this month my current monthly portfolio growth average is now right on track at $2409. 

With this month being the best I have ever had in the past few months I only look forward to even better months ahead. I have my goal focused in mind and I'm ready to divided and conquer! I hope that this blog continues to inspire and educate my fellow readers and all who are interested. I have really been enjoying my blog for a history purpose and I love teaching people about the power of dividends and investing.

This may be a little soon but, I'm already trying to come up with meaningful stretch goals for my Independence Fund in 2018. I'm super pumped to conitnue to look at future goals for the fund and ultimetly breaking the big $100k!!