January 2018 Independence Fund Update


What an exciting start to the new year this month has been. The market has been on a tear lately and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down. It has been an amazing month with some key players in the dividend game posting some amazing numbers this quarter. I'm really excited to see what the rest of the year holds for the market and my Independence Fund. 

This is my absolute favorite part about being a DGI and keeping track of my portfolio performance month over month. It really helps keep me on track and engaged in the happenings of my fund. I was able to achieve another monstrous gain of a month due to a few things that affected my portfolio balance. The first thing was that I sold all of my crypto currency holdings and transferred over all of my funds into my Independence Fund. This was able to net me an extra $3,000 in portfolio funds. The second thing that really boosted my portfolio is all the investment growth my fund has netted me. My fund has been growing by a solid $200-300 on a day to day basis. The 3rd thing that has really helped me is the monstrous amount of dividends my portfolio has brought in this month. 

Overall I brought in $3,597 over last month which represents a 6.59% over last months total. I also had two dividend increase announcements by KMB and EMR that represented a 3% and 4% increase for my perspective holdings. It's nothing to write home about but the increases did boost my overall annual dividend yield by $3.42 Annually which adds up

I also posted my best monthly dividend income of $276.24! I'm absolutely blown away by this number but this is mostly due to the special dividend I have received from ORI. They announced a $1 per share special dividend that brought in an additional $125.89 from my holdings. Now I can't expect this every year, but it sure is nice to post dividends over the $200 range. I can only expect that this number is going to continue to grow YOY and I'm going to continue to post some amazing dividends this year. 

I have made a few more additions to my portfolio also which has boosted my annual dividend income to $2,540.16. I'm slowly approaching the $3,000 mark which will be a pretty big threshold to cross on my way towards my $4,500 EOY dividend goal. These companies were O and STAG. If anyone has noticed I've really taking a likening to building up my monthly paying dividend stocks to short of balance out my month to month income. I have also been investing heavier into these because these companies are currently at their 52 week low which is a great value play and my favorite time to buy.  I'm looking to add more REITs and Energy stocks into my holdings this month as they have been beaten down for no good reason at all.

January Expense = $2,746

My monthly expenses have also started to normalize again after the insane spending  have down over the past few months due to car and Christmas needs. I'm excited to be able to post some numbers closer to the $2,000 range next month and I'm going to try my best to keep it that way to maximize my savings rate. If I can keep it around the $2,000 a month range I'll be able to add close to $500 more in my portfolio which will add up to an extra $5,000 but years end which will further help boost me to my year end goal of $100,000.

I'm super excited to post this first update of the year and I hope to continue this trend of success on a month to month basis.