New Year, New Additions


What an exciting start to the year. I was able to put a lot of capital to work for me and I'm super excited about my most recent investments. Most of this extra money came from my wildly successful venture into the cryptocurrency space. I was able to use a little bit of cash and day trade it into a pretty substantial amount. I know the crypto space is highly speculative right now but I wanted to get in and get my hands dirty.

I was able to day trade close to $2,000 in profits over 3 weeks which is pretty good considering the small amount of original capital investment I put in. I ended up timing the market just right and I pulled my money out before the whole market took a dive. I did leave a bit of house money behind in the market that I'm going to be day trading with more after I get home from Thailand. My goal is to day trade this small amount of capital back into a bigger portion.

With all my earned capital, and extra cash flow I was able to pick up a great variety of companies. I'm really liking the higher yield and risk-reward stocks right now as I'm feeling very bullish about the current economic situation. It has been harder and harder to find dividend aristocrats with a higher yield lately due to the most recent bull run the market has experienced. I have also really liked the monthly dividend paying companies and have been putting more and more money into them as time goes by.

NRZ 17 shares $34

WPC 5 shares $20.20

EMR 1 shares $1.94

QCOM 4 shares $9.12

MAIN 25 shares $57.00

O 19 shares $48.45

After these latest additions, I added a whopping $170.71 to my annual dividend income. I'm not expecting to see gains like this every month but it sure is nice when I have some extra capital to invest. As stated, the bulk of this capital was made trading crytpo currencies. I'm going to be sitting on the sidelines for now and watch my dividend income roll in. 

After this latest round of investing, my annual dividend income now sits at $2,518.03. This was a massive increase and it's a welcome sight to see my portfolio Cruze past the $2.5k mark. It gets me super motivated when I see gains like this as I know they are going to really help propel my portfolio towards my end of year goal. 

With tax season quickly approaching I'm also expecting to see a sizeable boost once again within my portfolio. I'm going to really diversify the funds across a number of companies I already hold and a few new names that I've been eager to pick up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my lastest update and I'll be trying to stay active as much as possible while in Thailand.