October 2018 Independence Fund Update


What an exciting month October was. The market has been on a roller coaster but for the most part the sentiment has been fairly positive with most companies in my portfolio posting great YOY growth on earnings. I’m not sure how other dividend investors are feeling but I really loved the pull back that a lot of solid DGI funds experienced which opened up an amazing opportunity for me to add, and add I did. I invested close to $49,000 last month and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the investment choices I have made. More on this to come since I will be making a massive purchase article later this week.

I haven’t been active on this site at all which bums me out but in between a new job, getting married and moving stuff form the old house, I haven’t had to much extra time to devote to the site. Whats awesome however is that my fund is at full steam and working hard to earn me extra capital. $432.16 to be exact. This represented and increase of 517% over last year. I broke a new record in monthly dividend income received and this is only the begging since my massive investments will start to kick in the next few months hopefully putting me into the $700 range. I couldn’t think of any better way to spend a portion of my home sale proceeds and I can’t wait for them to start throwing off some solid dividends.

I also had two companies announce sizable dividend increases. the first was VFC. VFC announced a dividend increase of 11% which added an extra $8.10 towards my annual dividend income and the second one was IRM. They announced a dividend increase of 4% which added an extra $17.12 in annual dividend income. It’s always nice making an extra $25.22 annually for being a shareholder. Better yet this increase will purchase additional shares just adding to the accumulation.

Here is a list of the companies that paid me dividends this month! I love doing this now since I’ll be able to go back over these next year and see the difference the dividend increase and share purchases have on a monthly basis.

  • IRM 45.25

  • WHF 28.49

  • O 20.32

  • MAIN 20.57

  • EPR 18.08

  • STAG 13.58

  • PPL 6.56

  • CAH 28.10

  • KIM 33.04

  • WPC 67.65

  • NRZ 106

  • LTC 8.06

With last months record breaking dividend haul, I also invested a massive amount into the market after the last market correction. All of this extra capital came from the sale of my second home. To be exact, I invested over $90,000 back into the market. That sounds pretty crazy to say. I invested close to $100,000 in a single month and I’m loving all my new purchase and additions. I’ll be writing an article this week to summarize those buys.

I was able to double the size of my portfolio thanks to the sale of my house and It feels really great to completely blow past the $100,000 mark and already be knocking at the door to $200,000. I anticipate I’ll be smashing that one very soon. Maybe not by years end but very soon. I had a 98.51% increase over last month! Insane!

This graph now does a poor job at showing my month over month growth but It’s still fun to look at regardless. I feel as if it is really going to shine now that day to day fluctuations are going to be a lot larger on my portfolio and especially as I break the $200,000 barrier. The party is just getting started and I’m excited to see what my next few months of dividends are going to look like now that I’ve doubled my portfolio. I may even see a month were I break $1,000 which will be a big month for sure!

After the massive slew of investments my annual expected dividend increase also took a massive jump. My new annual expected income is now at $8,714.07!!! What this means now is that my average monthly income is $726. This money is also being reinvested and purchasing more shares which adds approximate $35 of annual income per month. Ever single month my money is going to be compounding faster and stacking up to work even harder for me. The other thing that blows my mind also is when we add dividend increases into the mix =)

I can’t wait to continue watching this snowball roll and I’ll be adding more powder along the way which will only help to further my compounding monster. I’m also excited to continue to document my journey and let this experiment keep ridding! I would really love to get writing more articles but I currently have very little time on my hands in between remodeling a kitchen, the new job and the everyday of life.