February Stock Additions


Alright everyone, This is a big purchase spree. I had a very nice bonus come in and I decided to put all this hard earned capital to work for me. I was able to spread the capital around and pick up a lot of positions thanks to having zero trading fees with Robin Hood. 

Since I don't have to pay any fees for trades, I'm able to make multiple smaller purchases which really allows me to diversify with each round of purchasing I make.  With this massive round of investing I added 3 new companies to my holdings which now brings my portfolio to a total of 29 companies! I really don't intend to be adding much more for now as I'd like to now focus on boosting current positions in my portfolio that are near 52 week lows. 

I made 10 separate purchases spread out over the course of a week. I was simply choosing companies near 52 week lows and trading with an average of $500 per purchase. Down below I have a list comprising of the ticker of the companies, amount of shares purchased, and the annual dividend income I will now be generating thanks to said shares.

Without further ado, here it is

WPC 8 shares -$32.32

DUK 6 shares - $21.36

STAG 34 - $48.28

FRT 10 shares - $40

D 7 shares - $23.38

ED 6 shares - $17.16

PG 7 shares - $19.32

EMR 14 shares - $27.16

ADM 11 shares - $14.74

ABBV 4 shares - $11.36

Thanks to this massive round of investing I was able to add an astounding $254.98 towards my expected annual dividend income! Now mind you, this doesn't happen often at all but I have no problem with putting this money to work for me. I was blessed with this amazing bonus of cash and I couldn't be happier with all the new trades I have made. 

My new annual dividend income expectation is now sitting at $2,816! I have watched this number grow hand over foot already this year and it's going to keep on going with a few companies expected to raise dividend payments soon along with my 2017 tax return that I'll be adding to it next month.

I'm not to sure what to expect from this years return but I have a feeling I could be surprised. I'm also very excited to put my tax return income to work for me also so I'll be posting another purchase update sooner rather then later.

I made a lot of purchases in the Utility and REIT sectors. I can't pass up amazing companies near 52 week lows that offer a juicy 5% yield. I'm going to be extremely safe on how much of my portfolio I have allocated and I may need to do some adjustments in order t balance out my portfolio. I'll be looking into that more as the month goes by.

How does everyone feel about my latest round of purchasing? I added to 5 dividend aristocrats and I picked up a dividend king. These kind of quality dividend growth funds will always have a much welcomed place within my portfolio and I'm looking to usher even more in down the road. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day.