Bolstering My Positions


It's that time of the month again to make some purchases. I was able to scrape together a bit of extra money this month and make some awesome investment choices. I'm constantly assessing the landscape and trying to make the best value positions possible. By this I mean searching for solid companies with an amazing balance sheet who have been beaten down for reasons beyond the stability of said company.

This is where the true value lies and I try to take advantage of as many of those gems as I can find. Once In awhile I'll add to a current position even if they are on the rise. lately if I feel that I can enter in at a good price and still have plenty of opportunity to run, I'll make the addition. A company that really comes to mind is ABBV. This is a solid company that has been on a nice run lately that I'm happy to add on to. Most of the other company additions I have made are companies that I feel are sound investments that I would like to continue to increase size in. 

I made a fair share of purchase and 4 out of the 6 companies I added to were close to 52 week lows. This offers one of the best opportunities to purchase into as the yield is at its highest and loss of risk is much lower.

  • NRZ- 10 shares  $20
  • ORI 15 shares $11.40
  • D 7 shares $23.38
  • JPM 4 shares $7.80
  • MO 3 shares $8.40
  • PEP 4 shares $14.84

All these purchases added up to an expected annual income of $86.98. Every little bit adds up and I'm feeling very good about my latest round of investments.  With this addition my yearly expected income is now sitting at $2,691.71 per year! I'm slowly working my way up to the $3,000 mark and I should be set to break it in another month or two. If prices stay this low, I'll continue to make solid additions that will set up me with some nice yields. 

What does everyone thing of my latest additions? Does anyone have any comany recomendations or insight? Feel free to leave me a comment if so!