March 2018 Independence Fund Update


It has been another crazy month in the stock market and it's become a love hate relationship for me. The overall goal of this portfolio is to create long lasting wealth that will be able to generate retirement based dividend income in order for me to truly gain total financial Independence. This is a rather lengthy process and sometimes it's easier to focus on the present then it is to focus on the future.

I'm sure many other investors have a hard time watching their portfolios get hacked away by political tension and remain focused on the overall long term goal. It is still something I'm working on. I understand that purchasing companies at 52 week lows is more conducive for DGI investors such as myself to lock in a better entry point with less risk and more yield but I still can't help but pay attention to my overall portfolio value.

The market hasn't even experienced a serious market correction so I need to get used to seeing red now and prepare myself for future market dips. I also want to work on having more cash reserves on hand to deploy in times of market corrections in order to take advantage of the discounts.

Lets move into the statistics of last month. I had 3 companies announce dividend increases but I didn't take the time to calculate the one I received from O because it was so minesule.  

  • MO announced a 6.1% dividend increase which added an extra $3.55 towards my dividend income
  • QCOM announced a 9% dividend increase which added an extra $1.60 per month. 

These weren't as good as last month but every little bit adds up and it's nice to see these raises nonetheless. Overall these raises added an extra $5.15 towards my annual income 

I had a fantastic month in terms of dividends received and expenses! Last month I brought in $217.19 in dividend income. This is now the 3rd month in a row that I received over $200 in dividend income and I couldn't be more excited about this! I'm slowly but surely building up my dividend income and it is definitely starting to show now. Looking back on last March 2017 I brought in $182.72 which represents and increase of $34.47 or 18.86%. Every increase brings me and closer and closer towards my goals.

Now a look at last months expenses. I really hit this one out of the park and managed to get me expenses below $2,000 for a second month in a row. I came in at $1,622 which is music to my ears. If I keep this trend up I'll be able to add all the extra I'm not spending on needless expenses into my Independence Fund. 

March Expense = $1,622

I had a fantastic month in terms of portfolio growth also. I was able to grow my account by $2,841 or 4.8% last month! It feels good to be back on track with this one after recovering from last months dismal return. I'm extremely far from my monthly required average portfolio growth number in order to hit my yearly goal of $100,000. It's going to take a miracle at this point in order for me to bring this one home. I wanted to set higher stretch goals for myself since It felt like I was blowing past the goals I have been setting. 

I did have a few life situations happen that caused me derail from this however. First off was my decisions to purchase house number two and the second was I'm receiving far less of a tax return then I normally do which caused my normal tax boost to the account to be marginal at best. 

This doesn't mean I'm not trying, as I'm still going to be pumping every extra dollar I can Into my Independence Fund. I have really been able to impress myself with years past goals so I'm hoping I can keep my spree going strong. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that this article can inspire some to persevere and continue to invest every dollar that they can!