April 2018 Independence Fund Update


What a month April was! the markets seem to be making a nice rebound and slightly recovering over the past few weeks due to investors concerns being put to ease over trade wars, world war 3 and flattening yield curves, ect, ect. Man, traders sure worry about a lot of things....

That being said, I had one of the best months since the inception of the Independence Fund in terms of dividends received! I brought In $307.88 in dividend income which is absolutely incredible to me!  Not to long ago I was blogging about breaking the $100 milestone, the $200 miles stone and now, only 26 months into account creation it's bringing me in some serious cash flow. I personally like relating the income to expenses that it helps offset in my month to month expenditure. My electric bill is typically around the $140 mark and my gas bill is around $80-110. These dividends completely cover those two bills and now I'm starting to chip away at my quarterly water bill of $240. 

I also had 3 companies announce that they wanted to pay me more money for being a share holder. It sure feels good investing in dividend growth stocks. 

  • PG announced a 4% dividend increase which added $2 annually
  • JNJ 7.1% affected me by adding an extra $4.20 annually
  • XOM really brought it home with a 6.5% increase which added an extra $6.20 annually towards my dividend income! 

All these increases added up to $12.40! I'm going to be making extra money just because I'm invested into quality companies that are able to reward shareholders through strong growth and earnings

I'm going to start recording the companies who paid me out in any given month and also recording the amount to track growth. I should have been doing this forever ago. Better late then never right?

  • MAIN $19.32
  • STAG $13.22
  • FRT $10
  • O $9.74
  • MO $17.76
  • KMB $16.44
  • WHF $27.98
  • WMT $24.00
  • PEP $17.38
  • TROW $16.56
  • WPC $29.44
  • NRZ $101
  • JPM $5.04

Some of these names on this lost won't be here next year. I'm looking at you JPM. This is a solid company but I just felt long term I much rather build up my positions in PG, KMB and other companies currently on sale and near 52 week lows. I actually just wrote an article on purchasing near 52 week lows and the advantages to it.

I had a fairly decent month in terms of expenses last month also. I was a bit higher then last month but I've had a few extra expenses in relation to something's happening in my life like buying a second home and also breeding my great dane. This has incurred a lot of extra expenses but I'm hoping it will pay me back once we are able to find these little guys their forever homes.

April Expense = $2,387

I had a great month in terms of account growth also! I had a 4.19% increase or an amount of $2,600 last month. I'm still very far behind my goal that I set for 2018 but I'm still feeling optimistic that I'll be able to tackle this one! 

That's all I have for the moment. I have been super busy moving into my new house and dealing with the chaos at work and my home life. I'm looking forward to finally being settled into the new place and bringing it up to speed. That is unfortunately going to take time and money. I'm hoping to use supplemental funds from my rental income in order to still make investments into my Independence fund.

I still have goals to grow this account as quickly as possible so I'm going to get the money rolling into this ASAP.

I'm feeling good about this whole rental thing and the nice thing is I can always go back if it isn't working for some reaosn and decide to sell the place and cash in on all the equity I currently have in the home.