June 2018 Independence Fund Update.

Wow, what an incredible month June was. I had a lot of account activity last month and I personally felt that I made some good moves. I've been stocking up on as many stocks as I can near the 52 low week mark which is ideal for dividend growth investors. Lately I have been focusing more on REIT's due to the depressed state they have been in and the super high yield they are offering because of it.

My account has also posted some amazing numbers which I'm so excited to share about! 

First things first, my account posted the highest amount of dividends received since account inception. My portfolio generated a massive haul of $362.54. 

  • XOM 29.53
  • TGT 21.60
  • MMM 16.32
  • JNJ 19.36
  • EPR 13.04
  • O 16
  • STAG 13.35
  • DUK 35.63
  • MAIN 47.94 ( Special Dividend of $28.43)
  • VFC 18.42
  • ED 9.30
  • ADM 7.04
  • ENB  37.75
  • D 26.72
  • PEP 23.99
  • TROW 16.66

I knocked it out of the park this month and earned 61.48% more dividends then I did last year or $138.03! I couldn't be any happier with these results and the party is just getting started. Every month from here on out I'm expecting to be setting new records due to the amount of cash I'll be infusing into the market over the next couple of months. 

I have even more exciting news also. I have decided to simply sell the house. One aspect I over looked when deciding to rent out was the amount of loan interest I now pay on my primary residence. I could have offset this by asking for more rental income from my cousin but I feel bad upping his rent by an extra $400 per month so we decided selling would be the best course of action to take.

I already have some plans for this money but I won't be able to hammer out the details until I have a better idea of exactly how much I will be getting. I'm expecting north of $100,000 due to the substantial housing appreciation and down payment I put into the house when I first purchased. Ideally I would like to invest $30,000 of the money and move the rest into the mortgage.

I also had an amazing month in terms of account growth. This one absolutely blew my mind but I had an increase of $6,099 or 9.26%! I haven't seen a percentage increase of this magnitude in a long time. This is also just the beginning as next month I'm shooting to break $80,000.

I'm loving this account growth graph and I can't wait for this thing to break the big $100,000 mark. Slow and steady wins the race and I know that it takes time to build a castle. 

I had a month of higher expenses also. A lot of these higher expenses were due to things like vet bills, dog food, formula replacement ect, ect. Even with all these extra bills my monthly expenses only totaled up to $2,601 which was nice considering this is about in line with my typical monthly expenditures. 

That's all I have for today. doing a little bit of reflection, I'm super proud of where my account is at currently and I couldn't be happier with what I have accomplished. It just makes me even more excited about the future and to see where I'll be when I turn 30. The sky is the limit at this rate.