Getting Back Into It


Another month has passed and the year is flying by. Life has been absolutely insane for me with moving and having a litter of 14 great dane puppies. It feels like I've barely had enough time for myself let alone my website. It's a good thing however that my stocks are always working hard for me and are in the background earning me extra money as I'm busy with life. 

I've been able to finally save a bit of extra cash in order to shovel away into my fund and boy oh boy is this thing starting to generate a good amount of momentum. With my latest round of investing my fund is quickly approaching my yearly goal that I set for myself to increase my annual expected dividend income to $4,500 by years end. 

Not only are most of the additions I added to my holdings near their 52 week lows, they are mostly composed of SWAN companies that have stood the test of time. 

  • D 15 shares = $50.10
  • MO 19 shares = $53.20
  • PG 5 shares = $14.35
  • PEP 4 shares =  $14.84
  • JNJ 4 shares = $11.20
  • ENB 2 shares = $5.36
  • KMB 3 shares = $12
  • Grand Total of $161.05
  • New Annual expected dividend income of $3,627.85

It's nice to see such an amazing number after having a difficult time saving extra capital last month. Of course I can't expect this type of increase every month but it's nice to see that I'm capable of hitting it every once and awhile. The nice part is that none of these investments are riskier either. I'm going to continue to build up my positions in these companies as long as they stay near their 52 week lows as that is the best time to scoop up quality dividend producing names.

I'm also very excited about my next massive cash infusion into my Independence fund. I expect to be able to add an extra $8,000 into my account from money made after selling our puppies. I still haven't decided how I'm going to allocate all the funds but I have decided that I'm going to spread out my investments over the course of the month instead of purchasing all the stocks in a single day. I do plan on starting at least two new positions and I hope the market creates some nice opportunity for me to add to my current positions.

I wish I had more time to write some in depth articles but alas, I have much to do and very little time. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading.