Adding Another Dividend Aristocrat!

well, all the puppies have finally gone home and I now have added a bunch of extra time into my life which is much needed. My personal life has taken a huge hit due to the extra time and work of having a litter of 14 great Dane puppies is. All in all it was a rewarding experience both in providing high quality dogs for people as well as a lucrative side hustle. I was able to save a good chunk of the proceeds and use it to boost my account.

I have been very busy lately with scooping up companies that are near 52 week low as well as opening a few new positions.

  • 18 shares of O = 57.52
  • 59 shares of IRM = 138.65
  • 41 shares of CAH = 78.31
  • 33 shares of T = 66
  • 30 shares of WBA = 52.80
  • 13 shares of VTR = 41.08
  • 47 shares of LTC = 107.16
  • Total annual income addition $541.52 bringing my total annual expected dividend income to $4,325.70. I'm a lot closer towards my annual goal of $4,500 now more then ever. I once thought I wasn't going to have a chance hitting it this year but it turns out that I'm going to be flying past it! 
  • My annual expected dividend income may experience a few dips along the way as I really am going to start taking steps to recession proof my portfolio. I have a few riskier names in my portfolio such as NRZ, WHF, OHI and MAIN. I'm not sure how these companies would perform in a recession and I always keep a close eye on them and am ready to sell in a moments notice. 

I was able to add to four of my dividend aristocrat positions as well as open 4 new positions which are IRM, LTC, CAH and WBA. I'm super excited about all these positions also since they were all acquired new 52 week lows which in my opinion is the best time to purchase in on a solid company. Especially a dividend aristocrat. I will be making even more increased moves to build up my portfolio size and fill it with more and more dividend aristocrats. As my fund size grows I need to make sure I maintain integrity into the names I select and ensure they live out to the purpose of a DGI stock.  

With these latest additions my portfolio is now comprised of 29 companies which I plan on expanding to 35 by years end. I may even surpass that and hit the 40 company mark as I have my eyes set on a lot of amazing companies as well as adding some old ones which I sold out of to focus on higher DGI aristocrats. Investing is a learning mistake and I'm going to look at adding names such as IBM, WFC, EMR and ED to my portfolio again as they added extra diversification and dividend stability to my fund which I'm also going to be focusing on as my portfolio starts approaching the $100k mark. I'll have a lot of capital I'll be able to allocate once I finish the sale of my home rental home. If all goes well, I'm hoping to get close to $115,000 in proceeds following the sale.

I'm going to roll $70,000 into my current home mortgage, save $5,000 in my ally online bank account and invest the rest. My goal is to open many $3,000 positions in companies that are trading with good valuation and are solid DGI and dividend aristocrat stocks I don't plan on spending all the money in a single month either. My goal is to ideally invest $10-15k per month.

That's all I have more now but all I can say is I'm very excited about the direction my fund is heading in and I can't wait to start expanding my portfolio with more dividend aristocrats!