August 2018 Independence Fund Update


Every single month I get to sit down and write these updates is another successful month in my books. I get to write about the success I have been experiencing with dividend growth investing as well as motivate and inspire those who may be on the side lines about investing in dividends. I'm glad I started when I did but doesn't everyone always wish they would have started sooner? That's why I write these posts every month. I want to be able to catch as many people as possible and let them know about the great benefits of investing.

With all that being said, I can't wait to share with everyone the results I achieved last month. Nothing shows how amazing the benefits of investing in dividends are until one compares their progress against their own results. 

I brought in $267.20 from 9 companies which represented an increase of over 138.49% from August 2017. five out of the nine companies that paid me dividends last month were monthly payers which really shows how much attention I have been paying towards them. All these companies have been solid monthly payers and it really helps with the compounding affects. 

  • ABBV $39.61

  • PG $26.54

  • OHI $17.16 25.51

  • MAIN $19.85

  • STAG $13.46

  • O $20.12

  • LTC $8.93

  • EPR $17.89

  • T $78.50

The Independence fund absolutely blew this month out of the water without me adding to much extra capital into it. I was able to grow my fund by a staggering $4,478 or 5.29%. I'm not going to lie, I was a little bit shocked by this number since I have had a lot of expenses last month and I wasn't able to invest as much as I typically do. Sometimes it's a good thing to be shocked by finances right?

I had a rather rough month in terms of expenses also. Moving into this second home has caused me to once again start spending money to get this house into shape. One of the reasons I had a hard time saving money in my first home was due to the fact that I was spending 

Total Expenses $3,376

I'm going to be working hard yet again to reduce my monthly expenses but I'm not sure how well I'm going to do in this aspect since I have a lot of improvement work to do around house number two and I'm going to have to balance purchases and saving. I also have a lot of expenses coming up such as getting married and a few maintenance Items that need to be done on my vehicle like new spark plus/coils and brakes. 

With all that being said, I do have a major development happening with house number 1. I made the decision to sell two months ago and I finally accepted an offer at $199,900! Since I only owe $95,000 on house number one I expect to walk away with close to $90k after everything is said and done! I have plans to put $25k into my current home to get rid of PMI, save $10k for kitchen remodel, wedding and invest the other $55k! That's right, I'm going to have $55k In capital to invest! 

With that being said, I'm going to making some big purchases over the next few months and I plan to spread out my spending as the market allows. I plan to allocate all $55k over the next 5 months not including any additional capital I'm going to be adding over that time frame. I'm going to be adding at least 10 new positions and bolstering current ones that are at or near 52 week lows. I'm super excited and the meer thought of it is driving me wild! I can't wait to put this capital to work and smash the $100k portfolio balance mark! 

After crossing the 7k per year dividend mark along with the $100k portfolio balance mark, I expect the portfolio to really start accelerating from here. Who knows what the future holds but I may be breaking $200k near the end of next year! All of this seems like a dream as I remember not only 3 years ago I started this portfolio with only $5,000. It's truly insane to me what one can do with a little bit of diligence and willinnes to achieve when it comes to investing.