September 2018 Independence Fund Update

Thanks for stopping by checking out my latest monthly Independence Fund update. I’ve had quite the busy few months and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. From selling my rental home to planning for a wedding and getting a new job, I really haven’t had much time for the website or investing =(.

This has actually been one of the first months since I started my dividend account that I didn’t post a monthly positive increase over last months numbers. One of the two big reasons for this was one, I had to withdraw some money to pay for some bills. Planning a wedding is super expensive, even when one is trying to do it conservatively and obviously second, I wasn’t able to invest any money away or make any new purchases. This is a real big bummer as I really beat myself up over stuff like this. Nevertheless, the wedding will soon be done and paid for and I’ll also soon have a bunch of money to invest once the sale of my house in done. I now expect to close the sale of my home on the 5th of November if all goes well.

lets start with the good positive things that happened this month. first off, I accepted a new job at Apple making $6 more per hour on top of having the ability to earn overtime hours for anything I work after 40 hours a week. This is going to really add up and help me save even more to boost my month to month investments. I’m super stoked about receiving my paycheck and I also can’t wait to get three paychecks next month that should really help to offset some of these high wedding fees.

The second good thing is that I brought in a ton of dividend income last month. I was paid out by 16 companies last month which came out to be a glorious $342.64 in dividend income. This amount represents an increase of $92.45 or 33.95% over last year. It’s really easy to brush this number off as not a big deal but one really needs to think about it and digest what this value truly means. At the average minimum wage pay in Michigan, I would have to have worked roughly 36 hours to bring this number in before taxes. That’s a solid work week or the average amount of hours a full time student may work in a pay period.

Once that sinks in, it makes $342.64 a little bit more of a number to truly appreciate. Here is my list of fine companies working hard everyday to pay me money for being a shareholder. Thanks guys!

  • TGT 22.47

  • XOM 29.73

  • ENB 43.72

  • ADM 7.04

  • JNJ 23.07

  • MMM 20.48

  • WBA 13.20

  • O 20.20

  • EPR 17.98

  • MAIN 19.94

  • STAG 13.52

  • D 39.25

  • VFC 18.52

  • LTC 8.97

  • PEP 27.76

  • TROW 16.79

I couldn’t be any more thrilled then what my Independence fund has been doing for me. These are no small numbers that I’m producing on a monthly basis and it’s only been getting better.

Now let’s take a look at how my account did in terms of overall value. As stated above, I failed to increase my value over last month but I have some pretty good reasons why. I had to sell and withdraw close to $4,000 in order to fund obligations for a wedding and I’d rather use money saved versus take out a loan or float it on credit cards. It really hurt to withdraw this much from my account but I will be putting it all back in once the sale of my home is complete.

It’s going to be a big few months and I really don’t anticipate being able to make any additions or purchases this month due a high level of big bills such as auto insurance which I pay every 6 months as well as additional wedding bills and my summer 2018 tax bill which was $2,700 that I had to pay out of pocket. It’s been very disheartening as I want to continue saving and investing but I have had way to many bills. I hate to sound like a broken record but I’m not taking to hard due to the act that I’ll be investing $60,000 very soon once the sale of my home is complete. It can’t come soon enough.

That’s all I have for everyone this month. I’ll get better at posting more often once life settles and I have more time to pursue blogging. I’m also expecting a big month in dividends next month and I’m hoping I break the $500 mark! Fingers crossed and I’m feeling confident.